Insulting? Yep, You Betcha. Racist? Yeah, I Think So Too, Bill…….

Bill Maher continues to amaze me.  I seldom listen to him for very long before he manages to toss some nasty slap in with his commentary that turns me off him.  Over the last few weeks I have seen multiple quotes that not only did not offend me, but actually voiced my own thoughts quite well.  Now I have fallen over an entire blog entry that is worded so much better than I could say it, I just gotta’ pass it along.

Bill Maher – Obama.  “He Tried.  You Tried.”

Every time I think the sad, extended train wreck that is the Republican Presidential campaign cannot make me lose any more faith in a large segment of our population, they go and do it again.  I don’t understand why anyone except a tiny percentage of upper class wealthy Caucasian males of specific religious bent would vote for anyone flying under this banner.  I really, really don’t.

The Conservatives have managed to accomplish something I never thought possible.  They shaped current conditions so that a blog entry from Bill Maher made my night.

And This Man Should Know……..

My favorite comment on Ryan that I have seen so far today.

bill maher on paul ryan

And let me tell you, if anyone in the WORLD is qualified to recognize a smirking bastard, it’s Maher………

Wow.  Two quotes in less than a week from Mr. Bill that I agree with that don’t manage to simultaneously hack me off with some sneaky backdoor slap.  Will wonders never cease.

* Thanks to the Facebook page of Formidable Republican Opposition, from whom this image was taken

Score 1 For The Big Giant Head………

I’ll be damned.  Another soundbite from Maher I can totally get behind.  Usually when I want to get behind him, it’s just so I can push him in the closet to shut him up.  I say it again…..even pompous, rude, big giant heads CAN make valid and just points.

maher quote

Yes, indeedy, they certainly do. Then they look at you like it’s your fault the floor is dirty.


* thanks to the Facebook page of  Americans Against The Tea Party from whom I borrowed this picture, and also thanks to Liberal Info With Samuel & the Facebook page of Satire With Samuel from whom it originated.

Equality According To Bill Maher

While I generally consider Bill Maher to be the Bill Shatner of humorous political and social commentary, I must say I am square on with him on this one.



Even pompous, big giant heads can make a valid and just point. 🙂