Oh, Yay, It’s The Morning Rant!

Wil Wheaton posted a link on Google + that I read first thing this morning.  It hit home with me on a very deep and personal level.  Here is my response to it :

Sarahjane Smith On Why Our Current Healthcare System Sucks The Big One

My sympathies to the family listed in his original post.  I do not think I will be using Progressive after reading it, but as I said in my own rantings, you won’t be treated much better with any other insurance.  The fault lies in the messed up system in which these greedy companies operate, and that is where we need to work at fixing the situation.  It is neither moral nor ethical for these entities to prey on the sick and the poor.  It should not be legal, and certainly not encouraged.

As a side note of humor, I would like to note that my Google + post was written around 2 or 3 a.m. this morning.  I tend to eschew the use of capital letters and properly formatted paragraphs when I have a lot to say or when I am being informal (half asleep counts as informal, I think).  Apparently that is the equivalent of throwing grammatical chum in the water because I have already been put in my place by a poster who, himself, didn’t use appropriate grammar.  If you are going to swerve around the point of a post to attack someone for their language and writing skills, it is probably not a bad idea to possess some of your own.  As we say in the south, bless his heart for giving me my first laugh this morning.  Now that I have had some more sleep, however, I have reformatted it a little to make it easier for y’all to read.

Missed The Point Entirely, You Have, Says Yoda……….

It never ceases to amaze me how some folks can not only miss the point entirely, but go even further and try to bolster their own image with their misconceived take on things.  Or, to put it in the vernacular of my generation….. “Dude.  Seriously?  Get over yourself.  Greedy, much?”  I think this was rather ill considered of John Schnatter.  I am not sure what he hoped to gain from it, but what I mainly took away was this : Not only is this man & his company too greedy to provide decent healthcare to his/its employees, he/it had to be (basically) forced to do so.  At that point, he/it could have adjusted and spread the cost between company and consumer or raised prices on a variety of items by a few cents  and more than made up the shortfall he is claiming.  Nope, he is passing on the total cost to his customer base.  Now, not content with that level of douchebaggery and venality, he is taking the additional step of boasting about it.  From this we should all proclaim together that Obamacare is evil.  Something smells here, but it is neither his limp onions nor universal healthcare.

Papa Johns Pizza To Raise Prices Because Of Obamacare, CEO John Schnatter Says

Wow.  You kinda suck, dude.  But then, so do your pizzas, so I guess it evens out.

papa johns healthcare

An exchange from my Facebook feed (with names and avatars obscured, of course). The bottom comment is mine, but I figure y’all know me well enough by now to know that.  Click on the pic to blow it up for easier reading of the comments.

And the Disillusionment Continues……

At what point does it become apparent that there is something dreadfully wrong within your party, guys?  Your own supporters are easing back and speaking up against your policies and behavior.

Fighting The Right : Conservatives Find Republican Party Line Hard To Follow (Nick O’Malley)

WAH! He Didn’t Agree With Us!

Nice tactics, Repubs.  You stay classy, there.

Conservatives Claim Roberts Upheld Obamacare Because Of ‘Cognitive Problems’ Due To Epilepsy Medication

Good for you, sir. Props.

Republican Nirvana

AHA!  A perfect haven of exactly the type of ideologies the far right espouse and profess to want.

Coolio. I wonder if they can get a group rate for the mass exodus?

* picture borrowed from the Facebook page of I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists

Constitutionality or No?

I think I will start using your brand of addition to calculate my weight. By your logic, I’m a swimsuit model.


Exactly.  The Constitutionality or un-Constitutionality of our laws is dictated by the SCOTUS.  This is another reason I worry about the possibility of a Romney presidency, or in fact the presidency of any uber-Conservative.  It isn’t just the damage done while in office that concerns me.  There are multiple Supreme Court judges hovering at the retirement mark.  I do not want them replaced with far right or fanatic friendly justices.  That is a terrifying possibility, and would be a long-term legacy that would take untold years to recover from or repair.

Oh, and FYI, Rand, I find your definition of “a couple” when applied the the obvious majority that it actually was to be interesting.  However, after reading (and posting on) the Texas Repub Platform a couple days ago, perhaps I understand.  There is such an incredible bias against meaningful education in that document that it is clear your party wishes the skills to actually apply any knowledge acquired (in this case basic math) to fall by the wayside.  Kudos!  You are an excellent poster child for your party line.

picture borrowed from the Facebook Page of Formidable Republican Opposition