Presidential Town Hall Debate October 16, 2012

For anyone who missed all or part of the Presidential debate, here is a link to it in its entirety.

Presidential Town Hall Debate October 16, 2012

Insulting? Yep, You Betcha. Racist? Yeah, I Think So Too, Bill…….

Bill Maher continues to amaze me.  I seldom listen to him for very long before he manages to toss some nasty slap in with his commentary that turns me off him.  Over the last few weeks I have seen multiple quotes that not only did not offend me, but actually voiced my own thoughts quite well.  Now I have fallen over an entire blog entry that is worded so much better than I could say it, I just gotta’ pass it along.

Bill Maher – Obama.  “He Tried.  You Tried.”

Every time I think the sad, extended train wreck that is the Republican Presidential campaign cannot make me lose any more faith in a large segment of our population, they go and do it again.  I don’t understand why anyone except a tiny percentage of upper class wealthy Caucasian males of specific religious bent would vote for anyone flying under this banner.  I really, really don’t.

The Conservatives have managed to accomplish something I never thought possible.  They shaped current conditions so that a blog entry from Bill Maher made my night.

Oh, The Horror…….

Just simply appalling.

The Conservative Psyche : How Ordinary People Come To Embrace Paul Ryan’s Cruelty

This might partially explain why some of the seniors I have come in contact with are still embracing Mittens & Company.  They simply cannot fathom the depths of evil lurking under those two smarmalicious smiles.  To slightly misquote SCRUBS, “They are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.”

I Was Flippin’, When Floppin’ Wasn’t Cool……..

Thank you, Americans Against The Tea Party, for causing me to snort my coffee this morning.  It was still worth it.

Flip Flopping

And for some reason, now I have “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool” stuck in my head. Barbara Mandrell deserves better than that.

*picture taken from the Facebook page of Americans Against The Tea Party, and originated from Liberal Info With Samuel

And This Man Should Know……..

My favorite comment on Ryan that I have seen so far today.

bill maher on paul ryan

And let me tell you, if anyone in the WORLD is qualified to recognize a smirking bastard, it’s Maher………

Wow.  Two quotes in less than a week from Mr. Bill that I agree with that don’t manage to simultaneously hack me off with some sneaky backdoor slap.  Will wonders never cease.

* Thanks to the Facebook page of Formidable Republican Opposition, from whom this image was taken

You’re So Bain…….


I’ll bet you think this post is about you………….


* picture borrowed from the Facebook page of Formidable Republican Opposition

Not Very Nice. Still, Lots Of Truth.

Mitt Nutrition Info

Not the nicest way to put it, but still a lot of truth. Kinda funny, too. Unless you’re a Stepford Repub or a Tea Partier. Then probably not so much.

thanks to the Facebook page of Americans Against The Tea Party, from whom this picture was borrowed.

Anne Puts Us In Our Place

You people.  Seriously? YOU PEOPLE.  How very  Antionette-esque of you, my dear.

Ann Romney interview with Robin Roberts July 19, 2012

Here’s the thing…that isn’t even the most glaringly foot-in-mouth thing she said in this clip.  Far more interesting to me was her outright admission that the rationale behind refusals to release any more records stems from their knowledge that to do so will open them up to more attacks.  Geez, REALLY?  What could possibly be in Mitt’s currently unreleased files that could in ANY way make him look worse?  I am beginning to wonder if perhaps this isn’t a last ditch effort of epic level smoke & mirrors on the part of the Romney camp.  Let’s face it, he ain’t much.  Public opinion can be turned and directed so very easily  if done properly.  What if the much discussed records are as barren as Al Capone’s vault?  We know how well that turned out for Rivera, right?  Maybe, just maybe, they are allowing the furor to build in preparation for the release of………pfffffft.  At that point, if done right, they could coast on that, because they would be able to present the reasoning to the public that since there was nothing in the records, obviously there is nothing to hide anywhere else.  It would be a wonderful turning of tables, and I can’t imagine how else they could possibly be planning to play the situation at this point that goes anywhere but down the drain he is currently circling.    My only other theory is that the Romneys and their supporters exist………THERE…………and the rest of us exist………..HERE…………….with only a special magic time traveling mailbox to connect us.  Perhaps that makes more sense, anyway.

Enter, The Job Killer……

Honestly, I like it so much I don’t think it needs any extra commentary from me.

Amused by the novelty of the horror flick…..horrified by what I read in the news every day. Something is very wrong here.


* picture borrowed from the Facebook page of ARM (The Anti-Republican Movement)

Mittens Is At It Again…….

Wow, Mitt.  You really are the gift that keeps on giving.

i agree with what i said (whatever it was)