I really wish I could say that I feel this is over-exaggerated.  Unfortunately, I can’t.  Editorial comics like this would be so much funnier if they didn’t hit so close to home.

The Magnificent Oppression of the Christian Cult

(graphic taken from the Facebook page of  I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists)


What These Popular Republican Phrases Really Mean

What These Popular Republican Phrases Really Mean.

This is kinda funny, but it would be a whole lot funnier to me if so many people I know didn’t actually believe these things.  Where, oh where in the South are the free thinkers?

The March of Christian Dominionism 4: How Dominionists Are Trying To Undermine Our Country | Addicting Info

The March of Christian Dominionism 4: How Dominionists Are Trying To Undermine Our Country | Addicting Info.


Any time actual numbers or statistics get mentioned, there always seems to be conflicting data from various sources.  That said, this is still an interesting take on current politics.  I have a lot more research and reading to do, now.  Every time I read anything, it seems to just open more questions for me to research and resolve.  Sometimes I think I was happier before I started paying attention.  I certainly wouldn’t want to go back to that, though, even though most of what I see around me now either worries me or makes me sad.

Christian Rock Band At Shool Assembly Delivers Message Of Intolerance

Christian Rock Band Preaches Hate Of LGBT Community During School Assembly, Tells Girls To Be Submissive To Husbands | Addicting Info.

Damn.  I grew up listening to Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and a variety of other hard rock and metal groups.  None of them ever taught me the level of hate demonstrated by this band.  Get yourselves booked to sing before children and teens, just to spread you ‘Christian’ values.  Amazing.  These representatives of religion should not be performing before anyone impressionable enough not to recognize their agenda.  Shame on them.