For Everyone Fighting For The Right To Love Without Persecution……….

For Everyone Fighting For The Right To Love Without Persecution..........

Equal rights for all cannot come soon enough. Shame on us all that this is still an issue. Let’s get it fixed.

Powerful, & True……..

More eloquent than I have ever been.  This strikes a deep resounding chord within me, because it is so very true.

Owldolatrous Productions take on the true implications of the Chick-Fil-A debate, and what is really at stake here.

Read it.  Please.  You don’t have to support it, or agree with it, but at least read it and give it some thought.  The most important step towards  tolerance is to open your heart and mind enough to understand, really understand, what motivates others.  Once you understand them, and they you,  you can each work towards middle ground.  Knee jerk reactions that start debates which turn into hate filled arguments always seem to start with folks who just simply do not listen, then put their own interpretation on the points others were trying to make.  Stop.  Listen.  Think.  Speak slowly, and from the heart.  You may still disagree, but there might be less hate to spread around.

nice cow

This is a wise cow. Listen to her.


Anderson Cooper Comes Out

It is no longer a shock when celebrities or well known personalities come out, but in some cases being honest about who you are can still cause wrinkles and complications for those folks.  Kudos to Mr. Cooper for sharing something with the world that in the long run will probably create some difficulties for him.  I can see some division of his fans on the horizon, and I know many of my friends and family will no longer watch him and will begin to promote boycotts of any project in which he has an interest.  Being an intelligent gentleman, I am quite sure he foresaw just such things as potential results of coming out, yet he did so anyway, and with grace and dignity.

It is shameful that the circumstances and conditions of our modern life make declarations of our sexuality a thing to be made public, for examination and discussion by strangers. Who we love, how we love, should be between ourselves and those we choose to share it with. I am still waiting for the day when these things matter no more than what coffee we prefer, or whether we like Spring better than Fall. It’s gonna’ be awesome when it comes.

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I Love This

Moving, beautiful, and stated so much better than I can.  Just awesome.

Gay Marriage – Rev. Marlin Lavanhar

(Sermon delivered on Sunday, May 20, 2012, at All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by Rev. Marlin Lavanhar, Senior Minister.)