Lady Parts……..A Handy Reference Chart From The House Of Reps

Aahh, now I see.  This could almost have been taken from the textbook I used at our local Christian college, in the mandatory Christian Family Living class.  They probably use the same publishing house.

legitimacy detector

I see that intelligent design has included a backup legitimacy detector. Good planning, there.

I was still snickering over this one when a re-tweet on my twitter feed caught my eye :

illegitimate rape whistle

I guess I can always borrow my kiddo’s extra kazoo. I wonder if a slide whistle would work as well?


Sometimes the best antidote to the insanity around you is to find something you can point at and laugh.  It doesn’t fix anything, but it sure makes you feel better for a bit.

*first pic taken from the Facebook page of Political Loudmouth who got it from the Facebook page of Proud To Be A Filthy Liberal Scum.  second screen shot taken off my Twitter feed and the specific tweet is from Megan Amram.  thanks to all sources.

Shitter: Put Your Twitter Feed onto Toilet Paper

Shitter: Put Your Twitter Feed onto Toilet Paper.

Dear lord.  I laughed for at least 10 minutes.

I’m Ted Nugent, And I Approve This Candidate!

Way to dredge the bottom of the barrel there, Mitt. The only positive thing I can say about your most recent supporter is that he plays a hell of a guitar. I can listen to him play all day long, but I find I don’t enjoy his political ideologies nearly as much.