What SHE Said………

I can’t say enough positive things about this blog. LGBT rights are dear to my heart, and this post took my thoughts and phrased them far, far better than I ever could. I’ll be visiting here often, I think.


With marriage equality battles in front of the voters in four states, the faithful are out in flocks to defend traditional matrimony.  I don’t know exactly what traditional means in this context. It certainly doesn’t mean biblical, or it would include captive virgins and sex slaves and fathering children for your deceased brothers. It certainly doesn’t mean Mitt Romney’s version of traditional, since his great grandfather had five wives and his great-great grandfather had twelve.

But whatever.  I hope they fight tooth and nail and keep fighting until they are so old that their teeth and nails fall out. The battles are expensive, but they are worth every penny. Why? Because of all the nasty things that religion is doing in our country, beating up on gays is one of the most visibly nasty, especially to the young people who will be shaping our future. Teenagers, even many…

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Carolina Logic…….

You gotta’ love the ass-backwards logic of the South.

Yep, that makes PERFECT sense, folks.

(picture borrowed from the Facebook page of Formidable Republican Opposition, but slightly edited for some spelling errors.  The grammar nazi has struck again)

Favorite Graphic Of The Day So Far………

Equality According To Bill Maher

While I generally consider Bill Maher to be the Bill Shatner of humorous political and social commentary, I must say I am square on with him on this one.



Even pompous, big giant heads can make a valid and just point. 🙂