Props to you, President Obama!

Congratulations, Mr. President.  I am proud of you, proud of us, and proud to be an American.

Things On My Facebook Newsfeed That Have Really P*!!ed Me Off Today………

Before we start, let me just say………….


As Chainsaw so wisely said in the movie Summer School, “Tension breaker — had to be done.”

Okey dokey, here goes…………

Quote – “I was under the impression that we fought a war to be free of England’s opinions.  Who gives a shit what they think?”

My 27 cents – in response to reported criticism of Mitt Romney’s less than impressive visit.  Yes, this was a comment made by a close family member.  Sigh……..  Oh, by all means, let us all agree that the leader of our nation need not possess any people skills, tact, or intelligence whatsoever in dealing with allies or foreign dignitaries as long as we can holler “Go USA”

Quote – “Solar plant in Vegas gets $20M govt cash & fails. Great. Obama found a way to lose money investing in solar company located in desert.” -@fredthompson

My 27 cents – regarding the closure of the Amonix plant in Nevada.  The interesting thing about that is they qualified for their 16.5 million dollars of stimulus/bailout under Bush.  Do you copy/paste addicts ever bother to source or fact check anything?  

Quote – “It’s not about chicken, it’s about free speech”  – Mike Huckabee meme

My 27 cents – Actually, it is about accountability for our words and actions, Mike.  I would never make use of a public platform to publicize intolerant, bigoted, racist, or hate filled ideals.  If I ever do, though, I damn well expect to be called on it.  Free speech is a poor excuse for a shield in this case.  As for the originator of the remarks that started this flapdoodle…..You opened your mouth, sir, and when you did you invited the alternate opinions of those who disagree with you.  You opened your chain of eateries up for boycotts and the anger of those you targeted.  You can’t cry foul now.  You started it.  The only thing Mike got right is that it is NOT about chicken.

Quote – “Great Words…. But, not from a Great Person! This would be a good thing if he wasn’t for Gay Marriages, Gay Rights, and he wasn’t saying this Because of the Whole” Chicka-fil-a” incident! I am a true believer in God and His Commandments. I don’t put down Gays or there choice’s in Life, But I don’t agree with them either. I just wish that they would except the fact that 86.9% of the Worlds Population is Straight or Heterosexual, and that 89% of them do not like, or approve of the Gay’s choice’s and life styles. We should not be made to except them or to allow them in our Christian lives. I don’t want my kids, or grand kids exposed to a lifestyle, that is sinful in Gods Eyes.. ((WHY?? Some may ask..)) Because 99% of the people today become a product of the environment, in which they surround themselves with! {If you hang out with People who do drugs, alcohol, and live perverse Lifestyles… then soon you will also become one of them.}” posted under the following quote by Mayor Corey Booker : “Before you speak to me about your religion, first show it to me in how you treat other people.  Before you tell me how much you love your God, show me how much you love all his children.”

My 27 cents – Darlin’ your hypocrisy is showin’.  You are doing nothing BUT putting them down.  I already addressed my opinion of the line where free speech ends, so I will let that lie on this one.  Frankly, I am not so sure I want MY children exposed to YOU, your bigotry, hatred, intolerance, or utter (sorry, I don’t know how else to say it) ignorance.  If your logic is correct, they might become as hateful as you, simply by osmosis from exposure to you.  I certainly don’t want that.

Ever look around and wonder who the HELL are these people, and why do they claim to know me?

Come On In, But Watch Out For The Flaming Bag-O-Poo On The Front Step…………

Wow.  I have discovered the best way to get flamed into the next millennium.  I just posted a mild, mostly non-inflammatory (I swear…although it IS opinionated) comment in support of President Obama on his Google+ page.  Holy crap on a cracker.  Within minutes I rec’d numerous verbal assaults, ranging from the kinder, gentler “You are an idiot” to the more creative “Stupid b*&^h, take a pill and change your pad.  You’re too f*&%ing stupid to post here”.  Well, I guess they showed me.  For what it’s worth, here was my original statement, which was the original cause of the lighted virtual poo currently smoldering gently on my G+ doorstep:

obama thread comment

Surprisingly, your creative responses have not swayed me and converted me back to your fold. Yes, I do support him. No, I don’t really think questioning my mother’s legitimacy is the best way to open a dialogue.

Now, I believe you should not simply go looking for trouble.  If I had posted that on a pro- Paul or pro- Romney thread I would certainly have expected some hate thrown my way.  I posted my comment on Obama’s Google+ page on one of Obama’s posts.  Geez folks.  Try decaf.

And the Disillusionment Continues……

At what point does it become apparent that there is something dreadfully wrong within your party, guys?  Your own supporters are easing back and speaking up against your policies and behavior.

Fighting The Right : Conservatives Find Republican Party Line Hard To Follow (Nick O’Malley)

Explain The Logic, Here…….

5 things to kow about romney

Yeah, he seems to have a real handle on what’s important……………

Yeah, I know.  I sound like a broken record lately.  There are other issues to consider in the race for POTUS, but I believe you can tell a great deal about the man’s general character from the unrelenting way he endorses and promotes anti- legislation.  Anti-LGBT.  Anti-Woman.  Anti-Middle & Lower Class.  Anti-Religion & Personal Belief System (unless your beliefs co-incide with his own).  Basically, he is the Anti-Tolerance candidate.  Please explain to me  why anyone would vote for this man.  The only people who will actually benefit from his assumption of power would be a tiny fraction of upper class non-ethnic Christian males.  For anyone else to promote him is tantamount to forest critters handing guns to hunters and then standing in front of targets for them.  I do not get it.


romney 2012

If truth in advertising ever bleeds over into political ads…….



Oh, Yes, It can………


Nuff said, I think.

romney poster

Yes, it certainly can.

Santorum sweeps South: wins Alabama and Mississippi | The Ticket – Yahoo! News

Santorum sweeps South: wins Alabama and Mississippi | The Ticket – Yahoo! News.


Yuck. Can NOT believe people want to take us back to the cave. Can NOT believe people want to undo decades of hard fought-for women’s rights. How disappointing.