Limbaugh’s Sponsors Continue To Drop Like Flies…

NY Times: Rush Limbaugh Is Really Sorry That He Had to Apologize | I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists.

I have vented enough about this subject that I don’t think much more needs to be said here.  I was proud to see more sponsors pulling their support from Limbaugh.  As for those still lagging behind, I am curious what it takes before they cry foul and stop aiding and abetting this man and his abhorrent and vilifying ‘show’.

What charming gentlemen. Limbaugh’s statement was certainly NOT an apology. At best it was the typical ‘not sorry, just sorry I got in trouble’ response. The only thing he got right was his description of his word choices as insulting. They certainly were.

A Difference Of Approach…..

Ms. Fluke and Mr. Limbaugh clearly have differing ideals.  What I find interesting is the manner in which they approach their disparate viewpoint, and in how they refer to their opposition.  Everyone should be free to disagree; however, they should also do it in a respectful manner.  There can be no excuse for hate, venom, or slander.  If you are unable to voice your alternate view, then YOU are the one with the problem.  Shut up, sit down, put down your microphone until you are capable of expressing yourself in a civil manner.  Whether anybody agrees with this young lady, she has handled this situation with grace and dignity.  Mr. Limbaugh, on the other hand, is unable to speak about her (or apparently anyone with whom he disagrees) without resorting to schoolyard insults to support his ignorance and misogyny.
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