Ultra Conservative View Of Women’s Rights

A Difference Of Approach…..

Ms. Fluke and Mr. Limbaugh clearly have differing ideals.  What I find interesting is the manner in which they approach their disparate viewpoint, and in how they refer to their opposition.  Everyone should be free to disagree; however, they should also do it in a respectful manner.  There can be no excuse for hate, venom, or slander.  If you are unable to voice your alternate view, then YOU are the one with the problem.  Shut up, sit down, put down your microphone until you are capable of expressing yourself in a civil manner.  Whether anybody agrees with this young lady, she has handled this situation with grace and dignity.  Mr. Limbaugh, on the other hand, is unable to speak about her (or apparently anyone with whom he disagrees) without resorting to schoolyard insults to support his ignorance and misogyny.
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What Constitutes A Slut According To Rush Limbaugh

Al Franken knew years ago what everyone saw proven here. Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot. What an asshat. How dare any man call me or any other woman a slut for asking for insurance, which we pay for, to cover contraception. I do not care whether it is for birth control or for another reason. It isn’t my business, it isn’t his business. It is hers. She had every right in the world to speak up in defense of this. Shame on this man and on anyone who supports his chauvinistic, narrow minded, fanatical verbal vomit.
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Blunt Amendment Defeated

BREAKING: Employers Don’t get to decide.

damn straight.