Well, Double Drat Damn…….

To slightly mis-quote Vudith Viorst “It’s been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad month.”

It seems as if every time I read my newsfeed, there is another passing, and always of high magnitude and unique talent.

Bob Welch has left us.

Those who play for us weave light, sound, and color into a pattern for our heads, hearts, and ears.

He was an integral part of my favorite Fleetwood Mac work.  His solo career spawned songs I have listened to and loved all my life.  Almost every playlist I listen to has at least one Welch on it.  Tonight, my list is all Mac & Welch.  You added lilt and color to my life.  Thank you.  May you rest peacefully, sir.

(the above picture is taken from http://ultimateclassicrock.com/former-fleetwood-mac-guitarist-bob-welch-dead-at-65/ and credited to Fin Costello/Redferns, Getty Images)

Why We Don’t Need A Liberal Network



Agreed.  Completely unbiased, balanced reporting.  Don’t have any of that.  I would absolutely go there for my news.  I really tire of the bias pro or con both liberal and conservative on all the news outlets.  Too many agendas, too few real and relevant stories.

Pat Robertson: Tornadoes Could Have Been Stopped If People Had Prayed (VIDEO)

Pat Robertson: Tornadoes Could Have Been Stopped If People Had Prayed (VIDEO).

There seems to be a bit of a slant to the writing of this article.  Even shorn of the bias against Robertson, I still am not comfortable with his responses in the clip.  In an earlier post today I commented on my discomfort at the concept of a manipulative creator.  By the logic Robertson uses, nothing bad is ever God’s fault and yet he could stop all of it if we all just prayed a little more.  So, then, it IS at his will that these things happen; otherwise the addition of more prayer would make no difference.  You can’t have it both ways, Pat.  Either your deity watches as horrible things happen when he could intervene, simply because we don’t perform for him; or he cannot change these outcomes, in which case why claim prayer would make a difference?  It is insulting to the victims of these tornadoes (and to victims of any natural disasters) to place the blame on them and on society for not supporting your version of God.  That is a shameful way to try to win followers or drum up support for your faith.