No, Mr. Priebus, I Don’t Think That’ll Fix It………

Mike Huckabee is a nasty, vile little man.  He is an attention whore.  The fact that he is from my home state of Arkansas is yet another strike against him, since he shines a very unwelcome spotlight on a very backward state.  He draws in criticism on all of us who live here, and in turn those of us who are trying to live Blue in a sea of Red have to cope with a multitude of slurs and insults everywhere we go, both online and in real life.  We do not need any more bad publicity, Mike.  We have too much already. He has nothing whatsoever of value to add to any public conversation, and has not been relevant in quite some time.  I loathe the man, and I abhor pretty much everything he stands for.  I wanted to be absolutely, sparkling, crystal clear about that.

So I could tell you this………..

As much as I dislike Huckabee, I am equally opposed to the GOP platform and ideology.  Very little that issues from the right of center these days manages to be anything other than totally offensive.  Even when you allow for the embellishments of hype in the media, it is clear that there is indeed a war on women, children, families, the middle & lower classes, the disadvantaged & disenfranchised, non-Christians of every and no faith & set of beliefs and non-beliefs, minorities, and pretty much everyone who is not an elite, upper class, older white male.  The strong denials from the GOP on this just highlight their fractured and problematic relationship with the wing-nuts who have taken over in recent years.

They say they want to buff up their image.  The RNC’s  chairperson Reince Priebus was quoted in an interview with the National Review on Friday, saying that Mike Huckabee should be “the model for the GOP on social issues such as marriage equality and abortion.”  This not only does not improve their image, it reinforces everything that is wrong with the party.  No matter what the PR folks for the GOP churn out to rehabilitate their tarnished facade, every time these guys open their mouths, the truth slithers out.

The truth ain’t pretty.

Pro-Choice As Defined By Sarah Jane……

I have had it.  No more tippy, tippy toeing around, folks.

I have been holding off on making any public Facebook posts about the pro-choice issue because it was one of the last couple of areas I hadn’t caught H-E-double hockey sticks for from my family.  Yesterday, though, I got a lovely (not really) private message from my annoyingly holier-than-pretty-much-everybody cousin accusing me of being an Atheist and wanting to know what went wrong.  I kid you not.

You know why?  Because I have steadfastly refused to repost anything from that embarrassment to our state Mike Huckabee’s public statements.  Because I do NOT support Chick-Fil-A.  Because I have shouted loud and long about the evils of legislation intermixing with religion.  I’ll tell you what went wrong, ma’am.  Religious fanatics have been trying to overtake our government and turn it into Nehemiah Scudder-ville.  I don’t want to live in Scudder-ville.  Arkansas is bad enough.

I refuse to skirt the issues anymore.  Y’all thought I was outspoken before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

what is pro choice?

So there.

We now return to regular programming, already in progress………………….

(thank you to Liberal Hippie Nerd from whom I reposted the graphic on my Facebook feed.  It’s a great page, check it out.)

Thank You, Bill…….

It seems such a rare thing to see anyone of note from Arkansas doing anything positive, or that generates good press, that I simply wanted to give respect to our man Bill.  His DNC speech was excellent, and tonight, at least, I can go to bed with my head held high, because he is one of ours.  You rocked it, sir.

My 2 Cents…….

Okay, I am NOT a sports fan.  Let me get that right out there.  I claim no particular knowledge of the many factors surrounding the Petrino fiasco other than what I have seen on TV, read in the news, & heard on the radio.  Here is my 2 cents anyway.

What any teacher, coach, politician, or basically anybody ANYWHERE does in their personal life or off time is immaterial to me.  I don’t care.  It doesn’t affect me.  I don’t believe it has any effect on their fitness to perform their job, unless it actually DOES interfere with their performance.

Pertrino’s much hyped adultery may be reprehensible from the viewpoint of broken marriage vows and loss of trust within his family, but unless he is in charge of coaching/teaching marital fidelity I do not see what that has to do with his position as football coach.

I see a lot of noses in the air and sanctimonious eye rolling, judgments being passed and some very ugly words being used about the young woman in question & Mr. Petrino.  Shame on you people.  Many of the people I see and hear being the nastiest about this are self professed Christians.  CONGRATULATIONS!  Apparently your morality is superior to mine, because I don’t give a damn what the man did.  He was a good coach, we did well with him in charge, now we can go back to losing streaks.  I hope you people are happy.  I’m not, because now I know I have to look forward to a lot more profanity from my husband when he watches the team stink up the field without Petrino.

If this is the standard the school wants to hold him to, I expect to hear in the next couple weeks that they are going through every department and getting rid of every other teacher in every other department that is found to be “immoral”.  Yeah, I am sure they plan to hold every employee to the same stupid standards, because otherwise they would be HYPOCRITES, wouldn’t they?  I’m sure they’ll get right on that………


Okay, as more information continues to spill out, I would like to add a codicil to my 2 cents. My former opinion as regards the egregious application of Mary-Lou-Better-Than-You morality still stands. No take-backsies on that. However, I do believe that if his conduct brought in the likelihood of sanctions or lawsuits, and involved misuse of authority, then the firing was absolutely a reasonable reaction on the part of his superiors. I still don’t give a damn what he did regarding his personal life, and I really don’t look forward to a season of WTF’s from my other half. I also still expect to see the equal treatment of any other university employee breaking rules, though. Otherwise, as I said before, they are hypocrites. There, I think my running total is up to somewhere around 73 cents.

Dammit, Bobby!

Dammit Bobby

For you sports fans out there.......