No, Mr. Priebus, I Don’t Think That’ll Fix It………

Mike Huckabee is a nasty, vile little man.  He is an attention whore.  The fact that he is from my home state of Arkansas is yet another strike against him, since he shines a very unwelcome spotlight on a very backward state.  He draws in criticism on all of us who live here, and in turn those of us who are trying to live Blue in a sea of Red have to cope with a multitude of slurs and insults everywhere we go, both online and in real life.  We do not need any more bad publicity, Mike.  We have too much already. He has nothing whatsoever of value to add to any public conversation, and has not been relevant in quite some time.  I loathe the man, and I abhor pretty much everything he stands for.  I wanted to be absolutely, sparkling, crystal clear about that.

So I could tell you this………..

As much as I dislike Huckabee, I am equally opposed to the GOP platform and ideology.  Very little that issues from the right of center these days manages to be anything other than totally offensive.  Even when you allow for the embellishments of hype in the media, it is clear that there is indeed a war on women, children, families, the middle & lower classes, the disadvantaged & disenfranchised, non-Christians of every and no faith & set of beliefs and non-beliefs, minorities, and pretty much everyone who is not an elite, upper class, older white male.  The strong denials from the GOP on this just highlight their fractured and problematic relationship with the wing-nuts who have taken over in recent years.

They say they want to buff up their image.  The RNC’s  chairperson Reince Priebus was quoted in an interview with the National Review on Friday, saying that Mike Huckabee should be “the model for the GOP on social issues such as marriage equality and abortion.”  This not only does not improve their image, it reinforces everything that is wrong with the party.  No matter what the PR folks for the GOP churn out to rehabilitate their tarnished facade, every time these guys open their mouths, the truth slithers out.

The truth ain’t pretty.

And This Man Should Know……..

My favorite comment on Ryan that I have seen so far today.

bill maher on paul ryan

And let me tell you, if anyone in the WORLD is qualified to recognize a smirking bastard, it’s Maher………

Wow.  Two quotes in less than a week from Mr. Bill that I agree with that don’t manage to simultaneously hack me off with some sneaky backdoor slap.  Will wonders never cease.

* Thanks to the Facebook page of Formidable Republican Opposition, from whom this image was taken

I’ll Just Take My Ball & Go Home…….

I have a counter proposal.  You and the rest of your wingnut followers go home, and let those who actually want to do something productive and helpful instead of focusing all their energy on obstructionist silliness get something done.

At what point did we all wake up and find ourselves regressed back to the schoolyard?  Ya’ lost.  It passed.  Ya’ wasted a ridiculous amount of time and our taxpayer dollars trying to stop it, then trying over and over to repeal it.  It still stands.  Shut your tax-paid and tax-health insured mouth, sit down, and let the adults do what you were all sent to Washington to do.


Mittens Is At It Again…….

Wow, Mitt.  You really are the gift that keeps on giving.

i agree with what i said (whatever it was)

Check, Please!

At The GOP Deli..........

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The March of Christian Dominionism 4: How Dominionists Are Trying To Undermine Our Country | Addicting Info

The March of Christian Dominionism 4: How Dominionists Are Trying To Undermine Our Country | Addicting Info.


Any time actual numbers or statistics get mentioned, there always seems to be conflicting data from various sources.  That said, this is still an interesting take on current politics.  I have a lot more research and reading to do, now.  Every time I read anything, it seems to just open more questions for me to research and resolve.  Sometimes I think I was happier before I started paying attention.  I certainly wouldn’t want to go back to that, though, even though most of what I see around me now either worries me or makes me sad. Conservatives Without Conscience (9780670037742): John W. Dean: Books Conservatives Without Conscience (9780670037742): John W. Dean: Books.


Interesting, and well worth a read.  It won’t make you happy but it might inform you.