Not Very Nice. Still, Lots Of Truth.

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Not the nicest way to put it, but still a lot of truth. Kinda funny, too. Unless you’re a Stepford Repub or a Tea Partier. Then probably not so much.

thanks to the Facebook page of Americans Against The Tea Party, from whom this picture was borrowed.

Well, If You’re Gonna Put It THAT Way………

marriage equality graphic

As the nice drunk in Groundhog Day said…..”That about sums it up for me.”

I am very proud to see the Democratic party making the advancement of marriage equality a plank in their platform.  May they follow through on this promise, and get us all one step closer to the equality we ALL deserve.

Enter, The Job Killer……

Honestly, I like it so much I don’t think it needs any extra commentary from me.

Amused by the novelty of the horror flick…..horrified by what I read in the news every day. Something is very wrong here.


* picture borrowed from the Facebook page of ARM (The Anti-Republican Movement)