Charity, Assistance, & Helping Others………A Division In Outlook

I have been arguing with a family member today about extending a helping hand to others.  At some point it became clear to me that in this, as in politics, & religion, & pretty much our entire world-view, we would never see eye to eye.  If he weren’t family, I doubt we would even have any impetus to talk at all.  Thinking about it afterwards, I think his viewpoint and mine can be fairly said to represent the extreme ends of the Left/Right spectrum.

It seems to me that the majority of far lefters and Liberals are impassioned and moved to pay forward without conditions or strings, or at least with minimal ones.  We do not want to dictate terms or hold up hoops to jump through.  We don’t necessarily expect to induce those we aid to conform to our ideologies, and we are not very concerned with alternate or opposing viewpoints in the face of tragedy.  If we see a need or a place to lend a hand, we want to do just that.  We also do not expect reciprocation or immediate return, because our investment is in humanity in general.  We want to make things better for everyone, everywhere, not just ourselves & our own interests.

Far righters & Conservatives, on the other hand, seem to me to be far more driven by control issues.  Public works and other assistance programs are viewed with distrust and resentment.  This could be because when aid is given through these channels, each individual contributor (either by taxation or donation) is a step removed from decisions regarding perceived worthiness.

In conversations I have had with my mostly Republican, far right, Conservative family and friends, I see a fairly consistent theme in regard to who deserves help.  The main thing they all seem to agree on, and I totally oppose, is the sentiment that no help should be given until the cause, or person or persons, in need submit to qualifying standards.  It would seem, at least from them, that being in need is not enough.  You must prove to be sufficiently needy, and your need must be of an acceptable nature.

This is a fairly good reason why having sane, rational, reasonable Moderates from both sides is so important.

As a fairly extreme Liberal, I recognize that I and those like me occasionally need a gentle redirecting hand to help us do the most good for the largest group.  We can be easily diverted and spend an enormous amount of time and resources in areas that perhaps could have been better used elsewhere.  That in no way negates what good we might do in those ares, and it in no way means we should not continue to try to lend a hand wherever we can, but we need a balance.

Likewise, Conservatives need a nudge to be less interested in exactly what the needy do in their private lives, and more concerned with the actual benefit derived from the action of giving.  Assistance should actually be assistance.  It should not be a lever to force obedience, nor should it be a method of weeding out or penalizing those who disagree with you.

We need someone to bring us together, and to force us to play nice in the world’s sandbox.  Clearly, we won’t ever do it on our own.

A Few Thoughts On Post-Election Recuperation………

A friend just sent me a link to a truly sad and disturbing 24 minute breakdown in response to the election results.  I skimmed through the comment section prior to viewing it, like I usually do, just to see if there were any key things I should listen for, then hit start.  It took the best part of the morning to get through it.


When I started posting my own thoughts online I had the quite natural fear that if I opened myself up to strangers, I would bring ridicule on myself.  I was new at blogging.  I was a recovering Stepford Republican turned Liberal.  Of course, being me, I decided p-fooey on it, and jumped in with both feet.  What I didn’t expect was to find myself enjoying it so much.  Feedback, whether good, bad, or indifferent, is endlessly interesting to me.  I have met some fascinating people, and gained some perspective I lacked after reading their blogs.  I am also endlessly awed by the quantity of talented, interesting, & humorous people blogging and posting nowadays.  Y’all so very often say exactly what I was thinking, but you just say it so darn much better.

That being said, I wanted to say three things to the world out there.

For my small circle of readers and commenters, thank you.  Y’all keep me coming back.  I post what I post because I believe in it, and I stand behind it, but having even one person who actually reads what I write elevates me from crazy cat lady pushing a wire cart and muttering to very, very amateur writer.  It’s a small distinction, but an important one to me.  As of this morning, I have yet to become an object of ridicule or major harassment, and thank you all for that, as well.  I have been fortunate in my freedom from trolls or cyber ugliness to any great extent.

For the unfortunate Nebraska blogger who has inadvertently become an object of lampooning and skewering humor…..I am sorry, ma’am.  You obviously believed very much in what you were doing, and you clearly put a lot of work and heart into it.  It goes without saying that I completely disagree with most of what you were working for, but respect is still possible even when disagreement exists.  I think you are wrong, but I also think those lambasting you aren’t much better.

For everyone, everywhere…….  I understand that many are still smarting from a vicious election cycle.  Even some outside the US were pulled in and became invested in the shenanigans and mud slinging.  The Conservatives have a great deal of work ahead of them if they want to tame and reclaim their party to make it a viable contender.  We need them to step up and do just that, because in its current state, the Republican party is a mess.  There was a good reason our founders wove checks and balances into our government.  It ain’t perfect, but it keeps the crazies from completely taking over.

Thank goodness for that, because the last few years we came perilously close.  We need more than one cohesive and functional party to represent us.  We need the discord, the arguments, the bargaining, and the pressure from others to compromise.  I understand the tendency of  some to poke fun at the losing end.  Call it schadenfreude, gloating, or the good old standard neener-neener, let’s get it out of our system quickly and extend a hand.  The sooner we stop trading insults, taunting, and anger, the sooner we can start working together with the rational folks in every party to cleanse our government of the remaining whack-a-doodles and obstructionists.

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Obamacare Explained

Thorough and detailed explanation.  I found the subsequent comment section interesting as well.

‘Obamacare’ explained

No caption here, too busy snorting and giggling to think of anything witty.

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Faux News Strikes Again……..

So now I am receiving multiple posts from well meaning friends with this link:

For those who want to know what the bill actually states, here it is .

Yes, it is absolutely true that President Obama signed this bill.  I am unsure about the allegation that he signed it ‘in secret’, since neither I nor any of these other commentators were with him at the moment he signed it.  ‘In secret’ brings to my mind things done in stealth, under cover of darkness, behind closed doors, to be hidden away from prying eyes.  The same day Obama signed this bill (which passed 399-3 with little to no comment by either party), his press secretary put out a press release to the public .  The bill was also listed on the white house site as an upcoming bill prior to the President signing it.  That doesn’t seem very stealthy to me.

While it is true that this bill clearly has the potential for abuse, that is by no means a unique situation.  Almost any law can be abused or twisted by those in power.  Sad but true fact.  This is not the first law I have seen that concerned me, and it will not be the last.

What interests me about the current flap is not so much what HR 347 may  or may not be used for, but the make-up of the loudest detractors, Faux News and the Republicans.  Here we are, heading into an election, and whaddya’ know?  Scandal, rabble rousing, and vilification by the same folks who supported it without demur.  When I see them attacking their own with equal fervor I will give them a little more attention.

*Note, The initial vote in the House was 399-3, the bill was amended slightly in the Senate, passed unanimously, was sent back through the House due to its amended state and passed again, this time 388-3.

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time

Yep, that’s about right.

Centrist Women Tell of Disenchantment With G.O.P. –

Centrist Women Tell of Disenchantment With G.O.P. –

This could have been written about me, because the hate mongering & unnecessary polarizing by the Republican party was the major factor in my swing to the Liberals and Democratic party.

Republicans make slur official practice | Arkansas Blog

Republicans make slur official practice | Arkansas Blog.

Things like this make me glad I am not a Repubble.  🙂