Been A While Since I Had A Good Rant……..

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Ok, so, it has taken 12 years before i have had to deal with this subject in the school system. My children go to a public school. My 12 yr old 7th grader is taking an Eastern Global class, and currently their unit is on paleolithic and neolithic time period, with evolution of man. That being said, my son came home from school with some pretty serious questions, ones that i am not sure how to answer. In this family we are firm believers in God, and His creation of man. His questions:
Do I have to sit through this unit in class?

What If i do not believe what they are teaching?
Am i allowed to tell the teacher he is wrong?
Am i allowed to debate his teaching? (PS…anyone who knows my son, knows that debate is his FAVORITE thing to do)
Seeking out responses from parents who have gone through this, as well as friends who are teachers who have been placed in this same situation.
Thank you in advance.
My first reaction was to wonder at what point did your religion give you a right to randomly sit out of any class you disagree with?  This is a public school, after all.  If you are so hell bent on preserving your faith based beliefs at the cost of sheltering your children from any alternate ideas, you  (1) are doing them a disservice (2) are obviously not so very comfortable that they will not change their opinion based on new information (3) very clearly need to send them to a private school to continue sheltering them in the bubble you store them in when they are away from your side.
Out of 26 responses so far, every single one actually agrees with the poster that the school MUST make an accomodation for religious beliefs.  Sorry, disagree.  If your religion demands that you plunge your head into the sand (along with your children) and ignore, deny, and avoid all exposure to science based disciplines, it is your right to follow said religion.  I do not think that should give you the right to demand special treatment from a public school though.  Keep your kids home and teach them whatever you want.  Send them to a private school whose curriculum you agree with.
Personally, I tend to think that things like this are far more important and far more worth making a stand about.  Our children are our future.  They need, and deserve, access to all the wealth of knowledge we can give them.  To hamper their education because it doesn’t agree with what they are taught in Sunday school simply puts a burden on the rest of society.  When they reach maturity, they will be at a disadvantage because of the gaps in their learning history.  They will be at best, a generation of sheep, easy prey to whatever political party panders to their uninformed or slanted beliefs.  At worst, they will be carried by that part of society who were able to realize their full potential.
That doesn’t seem much of a gift to your children, and I don’t find that to be super parenting, either.

Spring Fever Hit Us!

It’s pretty outside.  Too pretty.  We have been cooped up in the house in each others laps for too long.  If we were hamsters, we probably would have eaten each other by now.  Naturally the first few pretty days that happen, out we go.  I can’t get my hands into the dirt fast enough, and Gracen is straight into the water.  His big job in the yard is to water the plants, so as soon as I had a few bedded in, he was after them with his watering can.

Gracen watering English Daisies

Now that that is out of our system, time to help out the poor beleaguered gnomes on the patio.  They have been complaining for weeks about the leaves littering their property.  We helped them get their place spiffed up and set out some new plants for them.

Boris taking a break in the shade

Boris taking a break in the shade

Then we watered everything and Gracen donated some of his ‘pretty rocks’ for their garden.

Hemmingsworth ponders where to put Gracen's rocks

Hemmingsworth ponders where to put Gracen's rocks

The biggest complainers about the mess have been Nietzsche and Izidore.  Where were they while we worked?  Playing canasta.  Go figure.

Nietzsche & Izidore kicking back and relaxing

Nietzsche & Izidore kicking back and relaxing

Last thing was to fix the fence.  All last spring the guys fussed about the caterpillers getting loose.  I would like to be able to enjoy some butterflies this summer, so gotta get that taken care of early this year.

Hooray!  The fence is fixed.

Hooray! The fence is fixed.

Gotta admit, the place looks much better now.  Now it’s up to them to keep it up through the summer.

Wish my own yard looked as nice as theirs

Wish my own yard looked as nice as theirs

Gracen and I really had a blast fixing up the Gnome home.  Can’t wait for the weather to be consistenly beautiful so that we can be filthy and wet every day!  He loves working the flower beds almost as much as I do, and that’s saying quite a bit.

Hope everyone is loving their pretty days (assuming they have had some).  This is my favorite time of year!

Beyond The Sling – Mayim Bialik – Simon and Schuster

Beyond The Sling – Mayim Bialik – Simon and Schuster.

This woman is a personal hero of mine.  I have immense respect for her, and this is going to be on my shelves very soon.