Anderson Cooper Comes Out

It is no longer a shock when celebrities or well known personalities come out, but in some cases being honest about who you are can still cause wrinkles and complications for those folks.  Kudos to Mr. Cooper for sharing something with the world that in the long run will probably create some difficulties for him.  I can see some division of his fans on the horizon, and I know many of my friends and family will no longer watch him and will begin to promote boycotts of any project in which he has an interest.  Being an intelligent gentleman, I am quite sure he foresaw just such things as potential results of coming out, yet he did so anyway, and with grace and dignity.

It is shameful that the circumstances and conditions of our modern life make declarations of our sexuality a thing to be made public, for examination and discussion by strangers. Who we love, how we love, should be between ourselves and those we choose to share it with. I am still waiting for the day when these things matter no more than what coffee we prefer, or whether we like Spring better than Fall. It’s gonna’ be awesome when it comes.

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Oh, No, Another Opinion Has Escaped & Is Roaming Free………..

Occasionally I just have myself a little old hiss fit.  I have been mostly quiet about Ann Romney’s much reviled/defended (depending on your viewpoint) statement :

“I know what it’s like to struggle. Maybe I haven’t struggled as much financially as some people have. I can tell you and promise you that I’ve had struggles in my life.”

Okay, ma’am, there is a bit of a problem with your attempt at empathy.  It rings false.  You were raised in an environment that a small percentage inhabit.  The rest of us have known privation, want, and sacrifice in our lives that I suspect you have not.  I absolutely do not denigrate your decision to marry your prince charming and raise a family at home.  A parent who opts to stay home with their family is working very hard indeed.  They are impacted by changes in the workforce through their partner.  Loss of work, rising gas costs, health care, these things are every bit as vital to those in the home as those in the workforce.  As someone who opted to stay home with my own sons, I can tell you I bust a tail feather every bit as hard as I did when I was a staff nurse.  As a matter of fact, I not only work my tuchus off, I LIVE at work & get no overtime for it although I am certainly on call 24/7.  For those privileged enough to have wealth such as you, where is the ever present fear the rest of us live with?  How many nights in your life have you worried far into the night about how you would scrape together enough to pay the rent, buy groceries, gas (which continues to get ever more expensive), or pay for your family’s healthcare?  I appreciate that you suffered through breast cancer and continue to deal with MS.  That is a terrible thing.  Nobody deserves it.  I do not intend to dispute that or denigrate any suffering you had or continue to have with it.  However, you have been able to take advantage of the best healthcare available.    That alone is denied to many, many of those you “understand” so well.  You see, it isn’t that you have not suffered.  It isn’t that you have not had hardships.  It is that your problems are stratospheres removed from mine, and indeed most people I know.  To tell me you understand me insults me, and reeks of patronization and obliviousness.  You cannot possibly expect me to be either appreciative or understanding about your utter inability to relate to me.  The net result of your ill-advised comment has been a dog-pile from every side onto those of us who stay home.  None of us appreciate having to defend our own choices because of quotes like that.  I think you are probably a fairly nice person, removed from politics.  Your husband, not so much.  You are the only hope that man has to present himself as a likeable and relatable representative of the people.  This was not the way to do it.  Choose your words carefully, ma’am.  They have added impact right now, and you will not help by stirring the pot.

And below………my response to some rabble rousing on Facebook.  Disclaimer :  Yes, I am perfectly well aware that is a picture of Divine.  In this case, whether or not the reader ‘gets’ the intent of humor in using that particular pic is less relevant than the screed of abuse the original post caused.  I wish I could have fit more of the preceding posts into the pic, but I wanted it to be clearly unaltered except for cloaking user names for privacy (click on picture to enlarge it for easier reading).

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From Your Lips To God’s Ears…….No, Wait A Minute………….

From Your Lips To God's Ears.......No, Wait A Minute.............

The GOP is nothing if not quoteable.