How To Enjoy A Relaxing Bath Without Eating Anyone……..

In the wake of the zombie fever fueled wave of terror induced by news from Florida the past several days, perhaps this handy and informative article from the Huffington Post will calm you & ease your very natural fear of turning into a face-devouring Hannibal Lecter clone after exposure to bath items.  This concludes this Public service announcement.


Food For Thought

Nice article.  Always interesting to see different interpretations, not only of the Bible, but of the intent behind it relative to modern culture as opposed to the time period(s) it hails from.  The biggest peeve I have with modern organized religion is its insistence in telling me what it means rather than letting me decide for myself.  I am not a small stupid child, and I do not require spoon feeding with whatever agenda-laced doctrine your church is pushing.  I can read, cogitate, and process it for myself, thanks.