Dead Heat (1988)

It is a sure sign that the movie you are watching is of a certain quality when the first thing you see is a pair of robbers stuffing recently fired machine guns down the front of their pants.  Another indicator is when one of the 2 major leads gets offed 20 minutes into the movie, but obviously plans to remain in on the the action till the credits roll. Given that quick gear shift and mental readjustment,  this is actually a pretty enjoyable piece of fluffy silliness.

We certainly have some solid actors slogging through this dime store quality dialogue as if it were Shakespeare, right alongside a few actors (ahem!) more noted for their one dimensional efforts.    That actually adds to the charm, really.

During the dressing down by the Police Captain, I really expected him to shout that Detectives Roger Mortis (!) & Doug Bigelow were on “Double secret probation”.  Alas, they missed out on that opportunity.  They did make up for it, in spades, with the scene in the Chinese grocery.  Ducks, & cows, & dead men, oh MY!  After the shower scene denouement with Lindsay Frost, it was almost a surprise not to see Bobby Bowfinger listed as Director when the credits rolled.

Dubious one-liners, moderate acting, one or two decent cameos, and fairly silly special effects add up to slightly less than an hour and a half of mild amusement alternating with outright laughter and the occasional nose snort.

Not a bad film to revisit every few years and kill some time with.