Insert Ridiculously Random Post Here…..

For some reason I cannot fathom, I have had a peculiar little monologue in the back of my head all day today.  A pushy and persistent voice has been cataloging this silly bucket list and for want of a better term……anti-bucket list.  Perhaps if I share, it’ll go and leave me in peace.


Do this.  Seriously, do it at least once, just so you can say you did.

(1)  Drink your coffee outside and listen to the birds waking up the day.

(2)  Sing Opera in the car.

(3)  Use a foreign accent for an entire day.

(4)  Smell a flower.  Inhale deeply.

(5)  Read something by Terry Pratchett.  You’ll thank me later for this one.

(6)  Open up Wikipedia.  Type in any search term you choose, then follow the first highlighted link in the article.  Repeat 7 times.  Read whatever has popped up on your screen.

(7)  Go to the nearest decent-sized strip mall.  Spend the afternoon ducking in and out of random stores pretending you are James Bond being pursued by enemy agents.

(8)  Go on a scavenger hunt in a nearby park.  Search for unusual items, and instead of collecting and disturbing them, snap pictures of them.

(9)  For at least one hour, read articles by those whose viewpoints oppose your own.  Really think about what they say and why they say it.  Perspective is a cool thing.

(10) Cook something you have never made before, that you would never ordinarily eat.  The farther out of your comfort zone you get, the more bonus points you get on this one.

Don’t do this.  These things fulfill no-one and provide no joy.  Plus, some of them are just rude.  And stupid.

(1)  Finish other people’s sentences for them.

(2)  Give any credence at all to beauty/fashion magazines.  Baz Luhrmann said it best.  “Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly.”

(3)  Speed up or slow down just to annoy another driver.  Yes, even that guy over there.  If he’s that douchey, someone else will cut him off for you.  Maybe karma will let you watch.

(4)  Leave lights or appliances on when you go to bed.  Seriously, if you are unconcerned about environmental impact, think of the money you’ll eventually save by shutting things down at night.

(5)  Engage in the seat up or seat down argument.  You have eyes.  Use them.  Seriously.

(6)  Borrow a vehicle, change settings and adjust mirrors and seat.  Return vehicle without replacing things as they were.

(7)  Utter the phrase “There ought to be a law” without thinking long and hard about whether you want the same phrase turned on yourself.

(8)  Complain about government without voting or actively working for change.

(9)  Judge.  Ever.

(10)  Forget to do calf pumping exercises when seated for long periods of time.  DVTs and clots are no laughing matter.

I admit it.  I spent half an afternoon not long ago at the local mall pretending I was on the run from the agents of CHAOS.  Am I embarrassed?  Nope.  If you devote one afternoon a week to doing something silly, or out of your comfort zone, you will be a much happier person.  Breaking out of a rut by doing something completely out of character is the best gift you can give yourself.  Even if it means asking random sales clerks where Waldo is.