So Just Who The Hell Is SarahJane, Anyway?

Whoops, My Brain Got Full.  Now It's Leaking Onto The Page........

Whoops, My Brain Got Full. Now It's Leaking Onto The Page........


I was a Neonatal Intensive Care & Well Newborn Nursery, as well an occasional Post-Partum nurse for 15 years.   I loved my job and never imagined wanting to do anything else.  Then I got remarried 6 years ago and started a ‘second’ family.  I am now retired from nursing to stay home with my boys…….my other half, 2 sons, & my father.  Yep, one little girl in a house full of guys.

I have a fairly strong Facebook presence, with a great many friends.  I have noticed of recent months a growing tendency to plaster religious memes and propaganda all over everyone’s wall.  The atmosphere among my friend group is becoming less & less tolerant and more fanatically uber-conservative.  I am from the south, folks.  I was raised not to go about creating offense and to maintain a polite public face if possible.  That has kept me from being able to ‘like’ many pages and posts that left to my own devices I would not only like but even share on my page.  In trying to avoid offending some of my family members and several friends, I have had to positively throttle my opinions while they have free range of theirs.

That finally spilled over into the creation of a blog where I could speak my mind about whatever I wanted without the necessity of doing damage control every time I opened my mouth.  Facebook sees my polite, non-committal face.  My visitors here and at see my real face.  Congratulations, people, y’all know me better than some of my family and friends.

Don’t get me wrong, if asked point-blank, I will absolutely tell anyone who really wants to know exactly what I think about things.  This is just my happy place.  My shoes off, curled up on the sofa, ‘if ya’ don’t like it then leave’ haven.

I love getting traffic here, and enjoy feedback.  Alternate viewpoints are always interesting to me.  I believe one of the great things about having open forums like this is the chance to meet new people with differing ideals.  They learn from me, I learn from them, and everyone takes something positive away.  Enjoy your stay here, rummage through the archives and hopefully you will find something that appeals to you.


3 thoughts on “So Just Who The Hell Is SarahJane, Anyway?

  1. clownonfire says:

    Sarah Jane,
    What a great looking award you have there on your right column!
    Le Clown

  2. goodpulp says:

    Well said. And although I am not from the south, I share your conviction.

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