New Year, Same Trolls

I have missed writing and posting here the past few months.  You all know the drill…….  real life has a completely inconsiderate habit of intruding and demanding attention at the most inopportune times.  I threw my RL issues some raw meat and slammed the door before they could follow me, so I think we might have a few minutes before they slither under the door……

I have 2 confessions.

Firstly, I am afflicted with trolls.  Many, many trolls.  What’s new, right?  Anyone with an opinion is going to attract them, as sure as loud noises attract walkers every Sunday night on AMC.

Secondly, and this is the big one….. I bait them.  I parry, I thrust, and occasionally I bludgeon them when they begin to bore me.

My main defense of this is that I seldom need to go elsewhere to find them, because they are waiting for me on my page when I open my Facebook.

I guess we all have vices.  It could be worse.



4 thoughts on “New Year, Same Trolls

  1. salpal1 says:

    that is one troll I would unfriend… clearly not your friend already. And as fro stupid, maybe, maybe not, but surely closeminded adn stubborn~

  2. Sahm King says:

    Reblogged this on The Arkside of Thought and commented:
    Made me lol. Ah, trolls.

  3. Papizilla says:

    I love it. I sometimes antagonize my friends and family for sport. There is nothing else on TV anyway, so why not, right? 😀 Your friend seems to be unfamiliar with the art of “hide post” or “Unfollow”. Maybe if you posted a “How to” on how to do just that, it may be beneficial for your friend…. 😉 Welcome back.

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