If Not Now, Then When?

I can't think of anything rude enough to say to this man.  I really can't.

I can’t think of anything rude enough to say to this man. I really can’t.

This, of course, does not address why there is violence in churches, temples, and other nominally religious locations all across our country.

Okay, now I thought of something to say to Mr. Huckabee.

  • You are an attention whore, and an embarrassment to Arkansas.  Please go away.  You contribute nothing to any meaningful dialogue and your ignorance and intolerance shame us all.

This was a horrific event.  Every time something like this occurs, the Right screams about their rights.  They circle their wagons and point fingers at everyone else, blaming anyone who speaks up about the elephant in the room (ironic, really) for politicizing tragedies for their own agenda.  If the time to discuss gun controls is not now, then when?  It seems that they approach gun control in the same way as the couple with the leak in their roof.  Wife says, “Please fix the leak, dear.”  Husband says, “No need, babe, it isn’t raining.”  Later, a rainstorm occurs.  Very wet and disgruntled wife says, “Will you please fix it now?”  Husband says smugly, “Can’t darlin’.  It’s too wet outside.”

Even a cursory look at differing countries will show startling differences in gun fatalities, and even a cursory glance at gun control laws in those countries will show you why.  This situation has passed ridiculous and moved into sad and pathetic.  If the GOP is such a party of Pro-Life principles, why don’t they care about the numbers of lives altered and lost through their fight against any changes to gun regulation?  No, don’t answer, I think we all know the reason for that, anyway.

My heart and thoughts go out to those affected by the shooting in Connecticut   I am so very sorry for you.  There aren’t any words to ease the pain, but I hope as a country we might finally learn something here.

*this  graphic was found on the Facebook page of Lefteous Indignation.  Check them out sometime.


4 thoughts on “If Not Now, Then When?

  1. cortol53 says:

    Outrageous but not a surprise from a man of such ilk – and even more disturbing the number of people whom continue to look up to him. But on a positive note, what does this say about how great a country we live in where a man with obviously no brain, no heart and no humanity can still run for President – and it says even more that he didn’t come close to being elected.

  2. Papizilla says:

    Reblogged this on The Ranting Papizilla.

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