A Plea For Reason………

For those readers in the US, I have been watching media sites since last night, and I am disheartened by your unrelenting attitude of petulance and  hateful jibes.  I have something to say, directly to all of y’all…………

C’mon, guys. Can we wind up the self pitying, sad, apocalyptic, and frankly mean posts, already?

I have some news for you.

My president won. Not because of Latinos, although they helped. Not because of enlightened women, although we helped. Not because of those in favor of freedom of choice, religion, and true liberty (for everyone instead of one cherry-picked group), although they helped.

No one minority or special interest group did this. We did it together. We read, we watched, and we listened. We talked, blogged, and spread our message far and wide.

There was no conspiracy. There was no blackout. There was simply a very large segment of the population who wanted to move forward. We don’t want war. We don’t want to pay higher & higher taxes so that the insanely wealthy can pay an even smaller percentage than they do now. We want accountability. We want progress.

We want the right to live without being micromanaged, and we want the same right for everyone else….including those who are currently continuing to throw mud and vitriol at us.

No, we aren’t lazy. No, we don’t want handouts. We want a safety net, for ourselves, and for everyone else. We care about all of our fellow citizens. We want to cooperate, and we want to see bipartisanship.

Let’s do this. Let’s do great things for all of us and stop rolling in the mud.

My President is your President. He is OUR President, so let’s show him the respect he earned and deserves.


11 thoughts on “A Plea For Reason………

  1. I seriously agree. However, it wouldn’t of matter which politicians got in, there’s no denying the eggshell holding the financial (dubbed) “apocalypse” from cracking. And to be honest, from a general consensus of a mine full of non-Americans, you’ve got a better chance with the current guy to pull through it.

    Meanwhile start prepping all the same… Even with both sides working together (and they will), there’s going to be some strife.

  2. Papizilla says:

    Preach! Preach! Unfortunately most of the crazy nutjobs that are calling for armed rebellion are from the south. Many are from the north, but they are drowned out by the rebel yells coming from down there. I believe that they are all talk, but it only takes 1 to make things worse. And stay Liberal, there has to be at least 1 in Arkansas….. 😀

  3. Thanks! It ain’t getting much love on my Facebook account, though. I am getting snowed under hate mail. 😦 Que sera, sera.

    • salpal1 says:

      your facebook “friends” scare me….

      • Me, too. Unfortunately some of them are also family. It sucks being a free thinking female Liberal in Arkansas sometimes. You get hate from the rest of the world who think all Southerners are insane. You get hate from those in your state because you AREN’T insane. I stay sane and Liberal just to spite them all.

      • salpal1 says:

        I understand – I have some old dead white guys in my family, too. They don’t understand how I could be a lesbian, a democrat and work for a community action agency when I was raised to be a good repubican. I don’t undersatnd why they can’t take in new information and change. So we don’t talk about this stuff much!

  4. Matthew says:

    Extremely well put!

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