Oh, Sanity And Reason, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Us?

A small note on my unusual silence the last couple of weeks…….

It isn’t like I haven’t had scores of things I wanted to shout about.  There are plenty.  Too many, in fact.  I seem to have become buried alive in election cycle stress syndrome.  I can’t open any of my multitudinous (I love that word, and never get to use it) news and political sites without being assaulted by an avalanche of offensive and terrifying articles, posts, quotes, soundbites  and developments.  I have been hiding, frankly.  I’m kinda’ afraid if I begin to talk about any current events, I’ll deteriorate into full-on Southern-belle profanity.  For those who know southern ladies, y’all know there is no language on this Earth quite like ours when we are good and worked up.

I would like to pose a few questions to the world at large though…….

Who the hell are these undecided voters, and what, pray tell, is the cause of their indecision?  Much like Sheldon Cooper, I have the urge to ask them if they have recently received a sudden blow to the head.

Your candidate is offensive, pretentious,  obnoxious, and rude.  He is boorish and totally impolite.  He is completely disrespectful.  Now, come the second and third debates ( and VP debate) and the first thing out of y’all’s mouths is that the VP and POTUS are RUDE?  Wah.  Boo hoo.  I have news for you guys.  Lies, misconstrued facts, and politicizing events for your own selfish ends and gain–especially when you were pointedly asked not to by surviving family members in the case of Ambassador Stevens–deserve no polite treatment or mollycoddling.  What pathology do you guys suffer from, that you all think you are entitled (see what I did there) to set the terms for the way everyone else behaves?  Only from the rabid right do we see people whacking others over the head with metaphorical shovels while screaming “Why are you persecuting us?”

DOMA is finally getting put where it deserved to be from the first moment it was thought up…..in the trash can.  Case by case, court by court, I love to see it go.  When it finally disappears for good, and when lovers all through our nation are ultimately able to love and be loved by the partner of their choice, how precisely will that affect ANY of you?  The sacrosanct institution of marriage in our modern times is beset right, left, and sideways by unfaithfulness, separation, and divorce.  In a great many cases, multiple-remarriage and divorce.  Why deny same sex couples the right to be as happy as all of us straight couples, since we are all clearly ambassadors of nuptial Utopian living?

In reference to the absolutely staggering amount of propaganda, lies, filth, perversion, stupidity, and insanity directed at women and their right to make choices about their bodies and health (specifically reproductive health) :  Piss off.  I can’t be any more clear than that.  You people are insane.  You are not rational.  You are frankly frightening.  An incredibly astute gentleman once said “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”  Thank you, George Bernard Shaw, for reminding me that you can’t reason with some people.

Yes, I know the last was not a question, but it was certainly a statement I felt needed saying.

I look around and wonder, what on Earth must other countries think of us?  I suspect that if the nations of the world were a family reunion, we would be the inappropriate uncle who wears his underwear outside his pants and speaks in non-sequiturs that make everyone uncomfortable.



13 thoughts on “Oh, Sanity And Reason, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Us?

  1. you know, as a citizen of one of those other countries, I have mixed feelings about the US. On the one hand, it’s exciting – a bit like that family member whose life provides all the goss and drama. On the other hand, Romney (and Obama,I have to say)’s claim that the US is ‘the greatest nation on earth’ and that we all look up to the US as some kind of role model, I find absurd and insular. But, that said, I’d still like to see New York – and I’d rather the US than China.

    • I suppose those in charge feel that whipping up patriotic fervor keeps us focused. National pride is a wonderful thing, but so is recognizing your own country is not the center of the universe.

  2. Daz says:

    Ahem … in much of the rest of the English-speaking world, the word “pants” means his underwear…

  3. Charles Lovell says:

    Let me start off by saying who the hell are you talking about. I have no clue. Can’t tell if you are talking about obama or romney sounds like either one. are you a democrat or a republican. Let me tell you whati think. The republicans had George sr and did nothing about wall sreet, course the bushes are halliburtin oil men. Yea thats right. Then you had a republican congress to keep billery in check and stop their efforts to do something about healthcare. Then you had 8 years of baby bush. who couldn’t spell cat if you spotted him the c and t. He did nothing about health care and social security, started a war and ran up the the national debt. Then you gave us John and Sarah who. Now the delusional rominey. You can’t agree among your selves have no heatlh care plan. Check it to you.

    • I was thrilled to see your comment, and couldn’t wait to approve it so the world at large could see that I definitely do not only post positive commentary.

      Context would seem to imply that Romney was the overbearing ass I was referring to, but I never mind spelling things out for those who have trouble with my rather stream of consciousness writing style.

      Other than that, I am actually rather unclear as to the thrust of your commentary. Is your beef with politics in general or a particular party? I was a bit confused since you mentioned so many different people. My impression, however, was that your main problem is with the GOP, and if that is the case, are you ever at the right place! Sit down, put your feet up, and stay awhile. I am sure another post will be along shortly that you will enjoy.

      Just to clarify, though, I am a very proud Liberal. I was once (I admit) a Stepford Republican, but my keeper forgot to check all the locks and I slipped my leash one day when he wasn’t looking.

      • Charles Lovell says:

        Ok I am a liberal democrat.When republicans accost me about Obama that is what I tell them. If they could agree on anything among themselves, come up with a good healthcare plan, every time I ask them about their health care they just look at me with that deer in the headlight look. Run somebody worth a d—. I would vote for them. All presidential candidates for the last 40 or so years say they are going to get rid of lobbyists and the good ol boy network. That will never happen. Not sure why i threw that in there but you are welcome to it. I only wish politicians could figure out they need to do is what is best for the country and our own people. Thanks for letting me vent hope this makes a little more sense.

  4. cortol53 says:

    Well said – it is most unfortunate that what is so obvious to some is so hard to see by so many (a scary “so many”). There are many times I think I live in another world.

  5. It’s true–the differing views are so clear cut, why are they undecided? I truly wanted the producers/directors to virtually make noses grow 1/4 inch Pinocchio style every time someone lied during the debates.

  6. Papizilla says:

    Reblogged this on The Ranting Papizilla and commented:
    Preach! Preach!

  7. Papizilla says:

    Yes! A fellow ranter! Come out swinging! Loved it!

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