There’s A New Diagnostic Tool A’Comin’……….

All around the world, every day, pregnant women suffer needless complications that could have been treated and in some cases prevented, because their area or their personal circumstances prohibit access to diagnostic equipment and care.  Statistics vary on the rate of mortality and injury because of delayed or absent care, depending upon which source is referenced…..but frankly, ANY rate at all should be considered unacceptable and something to diminish as much, and as soon, as possible.  I was recently made aware of a group who are working towards reducing those numbers.

Check these guys out : WinSenga Project.  Original article on Google+ here.

This is a fascinating idea.  I hope to see progress towards implementation, ultimately reaching many, many mothers-to-be who would have otherwise been without needed diagnostics and care.  Great work, guys.  Keep it up, and here’s hoping for lots of positive results and success.

* again, thank you to my G+ friend Euro Maestro for alerting me to this!


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