Does A Non-Deed Count As A Good Deed?

So Chik-Fil-A has reportedly taken the bold step of ceasing financial support to hate groups.  11 Alive posed the question ‘Do you think this helps or hurts the Atlanta company?’

Hmmm.  Don’t need to think long or hard about that, at least not in regards to whether the purveyors of intolerant chicken rise or fall in my estimation in light of this new information.

All this does is put them back at the square one of not doing anything intentionally harmful or discriminatory.  So after all this controversy, the best they can apparently manage is to do nothing at all.  Well, I’ll take nothing at all over the knowledge that they actively finance hate groups and dogmatically driven legislation, but it would be nice to see them take a further step and join the ranks of those who are actually trying to do something positive.

So…….it won’t hurt them, but I see no reason why it should help them, either.


6 thoughts on “Does A Non-Deed Count As A Good Deed?

  1. Chik Fila? I always thought, by the way, that alpacas were pretty fierce and would stomp any dog to death who ventured near their territory (apparently they do that to foxes). Poor alpacas! in this case, evidently not.

  2. cortol53 says:

    Priorities being what they are…

    Chick-Fil-A hosts fundraiser for alpacas attacked by dogs
    Since the attack last month, a number of people have reached out to the Upright Alpaca farm owners in many ways.
    The farm owners came home to find 13 of their 15 alpacas mauled to death. It’s suspected that a neighbor’s dogs got loose and attacked the alpacas. The dogs are now in the custody of animal control.
    Since the attack, help has come from as far away as Australia and Italy.
    They were even part of NBC 12’s Acts of Kindness segment when one Mechanicsville couple, who were so moved by the tragedy nominated them.
    The cash will go towards medical expenses and to rebuilding the herd.
    If you would like to help out, Thursday is a great opportunity to do so. From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., 20% of Chick-Fil-A sales in Short Pump will go towards the farm. All you have to do is mention “Spirit Night.” Children will have the chance to meet two alpacas tonight at the Chick-Fil-A.
    We’ll continue to keep you updated on how this farm does in this ongoing rebuilding process.
    Copyright 2012 WWBT NBC12. All rights reserved.

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    This is especially important because I understand at least 3 of the Alpaca’s were gay.

    • That seems a fairly positive thing for them to do, so I definitely am willing to be the rah-rah squad. I don’t believe they are an evil company, or evil people. I think they have been doing some evil things, and are now announcing they will stop doing them. I do NOT think they believed the hate groups they were financing were evil, and that is the sad thing.

  3. Don’t get me wrong. I applaud any progress on their part. I simply don’t feel they should get a lot of positive press mileage from this. All they did was stop being a******s. Now when they do something positive, I’ll really cheer them on, but frankly I don’t look for it. This was almost certainly belated damage control to bring back customers who left them over this flap.

  4. crazycrawfish says:

    But before you can run you need to learn to crawl and stand. It is progress you would want to encourage if you want others to follow suit, no?

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