Another Skirmish On My Wall…….

See, here’s the thing.  I keep my Facebook alive mostly because it is the easiest way to keep in touch with several old friends I will almost certainly never see in person again.  Unfortunately I cannot stand to see others continuous ideological, religious, & political posts without posting some of my own.  Wouldn’t you know it, every time I do, it seems I pee in somebody’s petunias.

I didn’t post any commentary on this one when I re-posted it. I thought it covered my opinions pretty well without any extra help from me.

This was followed shortly afterwards with this:

It is far more exhausting to think of new and creative ways to form tactful answers than to comment on original posts. Remind me again why I am working so hard to avoid hurting the feelings of those with no regard for mine?

Now here’s where I am genuinely curious about internet etiquette.  I make it a habit never to post argumentative commentary on friends’ posts.  If I feel I just have to say something and I know it will either offend my friend or  go completely against what they believe, I go around their re-post to the original page and post my comment there.  I tend to think that is just the tactful, polite way to behave.

While I certainly would never seek to bar my friends from posting or make them feel their opinions or thoughts are unwelcome, I still kinda’ think it would just be more polite to simply re-post on your own page and make your comments there, or do it on the main page.  If you don’t agree with a post, why argue on their public wall?  That puts the first poster in the position of either having to defend their post or to let contrary opinions stay under it, and all in front of every friend who can access their wall.  It just seems a bit tactless to me.  Sometimes it seems to me that many social media sites are slowly being taken over by a cacophony of squabbling.

What do you think?

Thank you to the Facebook page of Liberal Hippie Nerd, from whom I re-posted the above graphic.  It’s a great page, check it out sometime.

The original exchange on Facebook has been altered.  I noticed I had left out the key word “not” in my comment on the upper percent.  It now reads “not to pay a decent percentage.”  What can ya’ say, you forget some of those connecting words when you are typing long responses.


4 thoughts on “Another Skirmish On My Wall…….

  1. Papizilla says:

    I post both to my Page and my personal wall. I have several hardcore Repub friends that will comment on my wall with whatever Rush told them to say that day. Then my hardcore Dem friends rip them apart, and I sit back and giggle at all of the drama. 🙂 I am such an instigator….

  2. This is a contentious topic for me as well, as I post quite a bit of religious and political articles as well (although less now since I have my STA Facebook page, so I can dump articles there). I can understand your sentiment in the post, and given how poorly worded and constructed so many arguments are, I can see why such responses are head-scratchers. But when I post such articles, I expect these comments. When anyone posts an article to their public FB page, it’s pretty much an open invite to comment. Generally the comments to be negative, as the people who agree with you won’t speak up in the same way. But I use this opportunity to hone my argumentation style, to try and find the most succinct and effective way to respond. Easier said than done. Clearly, the first response is ridiculous (I mean seriously, outlawing profits for business?) and your response is excellent. One of the problems with responses like that, though, is that it is so long that the original commentor probably didn’t even bother to read it, which is a shame. Anyways, just wanted to share my thoughts. I think it’s great when people comment with negative responses, because then it gives me an opportunity to prove them wrong. You know, with logic. But if you are going to post to a public forum, just be ready for the trolls to come a lurking. But keep up the great posts! I read every one!

    • You are probably quite right about my lengthy response. A side effect of being an old-school nurse is verbosity. I learned to chart in the old S.O.A.P.I.E. style, and it tends to be pretty wordy. I to write the same way I charted.

  3. Doug says:

    I’ve stopped posting politics Facebook, including links to my blog. I agree with you about responding on the original page.


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