I Admit It. Sometimes I Feed The Trolls……

Okay, so I wasn’t all that nice.  In my defense, if you lack a sense of humor and are blessed with hyper-active and easily hurt feelings, you should probably not hang out on an off-color adult oriented humor page.

Sometimes, I just can’t help myself.

micro wave

Seriously….show of hands, folks. How many people really thought this was an intentional slight against the handicapped? Geez. Try decaf, dude. And TURN OFF YOUR DAMN CAPS-LOCK.

My comment would, of course, be the last one.  My troll refuses to talk to me now.  Sniff.


4 thoughts on “I Admit It. Sometimes I Feed The Trolls……

  1. cortol53 says:

    I think this reflects a great deal of what is wrong with society today – taking nothing away from the challenges and struggles that people with real handicaps and issues have to deal with when there is truly bias or discrimination, it does get a little tiring to see this level of over-the-top sensitivity and a lack of sense of humor. But then again, given the well proven link of sense of humor to intelligence, I’m not surprised we have as many people without a sense of humor.

  2. Well if your troll really was autistic maybe that’s why they were using all caps? 🙂

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  3. So I forwarded the pic into two “midget” friends. They never heard the joke before. Surprisingly the know hundreds of “midget” jokes. They thought it was in good humor, one even used the joke waving at his friend, when asked what the hell he was doing “giving you a microwave”.

    My thoughts? If it offends you, don’t visit the site. If it that offensive report it. And if you ever call my two mates someone with special needs they offer a headbut to the groin.

    • My take on it was pretty much the same. Why even go there if you are going to be offended? Laugh, or leave. Don’t whine. It’s unattractive and people will make fun of you.

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