Go, Bill………

Another great blog which is always worth a read.   Great post about the post-Clinton speech ripples currently moving through the right-wing propaganda machine, with a link to the speech for those who wish to re-view it or somehow missed it.

Southern Beale

President Clinton’s speech last night was amazing and really, there’s not much more I can say than that. If you missed it or want to see it again, I’ve posted the video below.

One thing that annoys the hell out of me is the way our punditry has to do its “procedural voyeurism” crap, pull Oz’s curtain aside and talk about why Clinton gave the speech: to preserve Hillary’s 2016 ambitions, to preserve his own legacy, to protect “the brand,” blah blah. God, that is so condescending to American viewers! It’s like saying, “Hey you rubes, here’s what’s really going on, you were just too stupid to get it.” A big chunk of the post-speech chatter on cable news was like this. I wish there had been more focus on what Clinton actually said.


What’s really funny is seeing the full meltdown last night’s speech caused in the…

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