Thank You, Bill…….

It seems such a rare thing to see anyone of note from Arkansas doing anything positive, or that generates good press, that I simply wanted to give respect to our man Bill.  His DNC speech was excellent, and tonight, at least, I can go to bed with my head held high, because he is one of ours.  You rocked it, sir.


4 thoughts on “Thank You, Bill…….

  1. marcmarrs says:

    Clinton’s speech was by far the best, DNC and RNC. He is “The Man”

  2. He rocked it like he’s been rocking it all his life. Hard to believe we had eight years of Bush after such great times with Clinton. Ah, well, we survived Bush, and the way our government is set up, we’ll keep surviving as long as we can maintain civility with the rest of the world. Not sure the Republicans can maintain that civility out there in the “real world.”

  3. Wasn’t that an amazing speech? Loved the zingers he gave to the GOP and paul ryan.

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