Watching The Sun Rise With Simon’s Cat………

I am up quite early this morning, in a silent house filled with my sleeping family, watching the sun come up.  In about half an hour or so, there will be a little boy chirping and singing in the next room, but for now nobody needs me, or wants anything from me.  This is my net surfing, coffee drinking, sneak in a hot shower time.  In honor of a beautiful morning full of happy vibes, I thought I would share what I am watching right now with all of you, so y’all can all have a smile first thing this morning, too.

This is every cat I have ever owned.  I have yet to see one of these clips that doesn’t make me smile.  All of y’all have a beautiful day, afternoon, evening, wherever you are!


4 thoughts on “Watching The Sun Rise With Simon’s Cat………

  1. I had to put that one on Facebook!

  2. I love Simon’s Cat. This is every cat I’ve ever had too except for one— but she didn’t like catnip either—she was weird.

  3. gravyhonk says:

    You are so lucky that you can wake up in quiet. My youngest pops open his eyes the minute he hears a stirring in the house, regardless of how early it is. Then the dog starts whining to go out, and the day is started. I end up taking my quiet time late a night, but how cool would it be to do it with my coffee in the morning. Happy Friday.

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