Anne Puts Us In Our Place

You people.  Seriously? YOU PEOPLE.  How very  Antionette-esque of you, my dear.

Ann Romney interview with Robin Roberts July 19, 2012

Here’s the thing…that isn’t even the most glaringly foot-in-mouth thing she said in this clip.  Far more interesting to me was her outright admission that the rationale behind refusals to release any more records stems from their knowledge that to do so will open them up to more attacks.  Geez, REALLY?  What could possibly be in Mitt’s currently unreleased files that could in ANY way make him look worse?  I am beginning to wonder if perhaps this isn’t a last ditch effort of epic level smoke & mirrors on the part of the Romney camp.  Let’s face it, he ain’t much.  Public opinion can be turned and directed so very easily  if done properly.  What if the much discussed records are as barren as Al Capone’s vault?  We know how well that turned out for Rivera, right?  Maybe, just maybe, they are allowing the furor to build in preparation for the release of………pfffffft.  At that point, if done right, they could coast on that, because they would be able to present the reasoning to the public that since there was nothing in the records, obviously there is nothing to hide anywhere else.  It would be a wonderful turning of tables, and I can’t imagine how else they could possibly be planning to play the situation at this point that goes anywhere but down the drain he is currently circling.    My only other theory is that the Romneys and their supporters exist………THERE…………and the rest of us exist………..HERE…………….with only a special magic time traveling mailbox to connect us.  Perhaps that makes more sense, anyway.


2 thoughts on “Anne Puts Us In Our Place

  1. gkinnard says:

    “Let them retire to their summer chateaus and eat cake served by their wait-staff out on the veranda,” proclaimed Queen Ann!

    They really got ‘em a winner, didn’t they? The thing is, if they picked a “toad-frog” instead of Romney to be the nominee the toad-frog would have walked into the race with 40-some% of the vote. Romney hasn’t earned that 40-some%. That percentage simply represents the people who’ve decided—with the help of Rush, Bachmann, Savage, Sununu, Cantor, McConnell, and Beck—that they should hate Obama’s guts because he’s . . . “different than us” (wink, wink, nod, nod). Romney simply reaps the benefit of that hate.

    Tax returns that are hundreds of pages long . . . can you even imagine?

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