Food For Thought

I found this quite interesting.  In all my life, in every congregation I ever attended, I was never encouraged or truly ‘allowed’ to ascertain my own interpretation of the Bible.  Many different versions and translations were used by the varied churches I went to, but always the rule of thumb was that the ruling body (deacons, minister, elders–all men, of course) instructed us and told us what the HOLY WORD meant.  If you are confident in and truly believe the word you preach, why circumvent any attempt towards understanding of the text?  What exactly are you afraid of, anyway, elders?  I tend to think the fear is that if congregations are allowed to think for themselves, they will begin to question some of the precepts that have stood for so long due to a historical precedent of blind faith.  I also believe that the last people who might want a spark of illumination bandied about are those who build straw houses.  Just sayin’.

Jesus On Homosexuality


2 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. gkinnard says:

    Somewhere in the Bible it should read, “If a person or people are not trying to kill you then like them and help them as much as you can. Try to use common sense as much as possible. Do these things and everything else will fall into place.”

    • love it, and totally agree. my own personal code of ethics prevent me from believing or placing faith in any person, group, or creed which promotes hate or intolerance. any group that declares those to be the ideals of their savior or loses me right then.

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