Anderson Cooper Comes Out

It is no longer a shock when celebrities or well known personalities come out, but in some cases being honest about who you are can still cause wrinkles and complications for those folks.  Kudos to Mr. Cooper for sharing something with the world that in the long run will probably create some difficulties for him.  I can see some division of his fans on the horizon, and I know many of my friends and family will no longer watch him and will begin to promote boycotts of any project in which he has an interest.  Being an intelligent gentleman, I am quite sure he foresaw just such things as potential results of coming out, yet he did so anyway, and with grace and dignity.

It is shameful that the circumstances and conditions of our modern life make declarations of our sexuality a thing to be made public, for examination and discussion by strangers. Who we love, how we love, should be between ourselves and those we choose to share it with. I am still waiting for the day when these things matter no more than what coffee we prefer, or whether we like Spring better than Fall. It’s gonna’ be awesome when it comes.

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One thought on “Anderson Cooper Comes Out

  1. justwilliam1959 says:

    Let me come out and say I’m a hetero and I also have gay friends. My favourite cousin was gay. Does that change how I think about anyone? Not in the slightest. I have never understood how people can hate someone because of their, creed, sex, colour or any other thing like it. I don’t care if someone is straight or gay, what I care about is are they a nice person and a good friend. That’s the stuff that really matters!
    I also have a confession to make, I don’t know who Anderson Cooper is, but he sounds like a good bloke to me and I wish him as few attacks from bigoted idiots as possible! OK rant over. But another great SJL post!

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