Republican Nirvana

AHA!  A perfect haven of exactly the type of ideologies the far right espouse and profess to want.

Coolio. I wonder if they can get a group rate for the mass exodus?

* picture borrowed from the Facebook page of I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists


5 thoughts on “Republican Nirvana

  1. I’m starting to steal more and more of your posts 🙂 Keep it up!

    • Thanks! I started blogging as a way of whistling in the dark & shouting from the hilltops about those things that make me crazy which I am unable to speak to my family and friends about. I never expected to pick up any followers or to have many commenters or responses. I am always amazed and warmed when someone finds one of my rambles or rants of interest!

  2. gkinnard says:

    Outstanding! Sounds like a home away from home for our good ‘ol boys!

  3. I like it….and it would help drive down healthcare costs for the rest of us!

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