Constitutionality or No?

I think I will start using your brand of addition to calculate my weight. By your logic, I’m a swimsuit model.


Exactly.  The Constitutionality or un-Constitutionality of our laws is dictated by the SCOTUS.  This is another reason I worry about the possibility of a Romney presidency, or in fact the presidency of any uber-Conservative.  It isn’t just the damage done while in office that concerns me.  There are multiple Supreme Court judges hovering at the retirement mark.  I do not want them replaced with far right or fanatic friendly justices.  That is a terrifying possibility, and would be a long-term legacy that would take untold years to recover from or repair.

Oh, and FYI, Rand, I find your definition of “a couple” when applied the the obvious majority that it actually was to be interesting.  However, after reading (and posting on) the Texas Repub Platform a couple days ago, perhaps I understand.  There is such an incredible bias against meaningful education in that document that it is clear your party wishes the skills to actually apply any knowledge acquired (in this case basic math) to fall by the wayside.  Kudos!  You are an excellent poster child for your party line.

picture borrowed from the Facebook Page of Formidable Republican Opposition


One thought on “Constitutionality or No?

  1. gkinnard says:

    Love it! And what a great day!

    I think someone should check Rand’s papers . . . just sayin’!

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