Holy Crap……..

Scary.  Really scary.  I mean, HOLY CRAP, this is scary.

REPUBLICAN PARTY OF TEXAS Report of Platform Committee and Rules Committee

It’s kinda like watching a train wreck, or being caught in a waiting room with Jerry Springer on the television.  You don’t want to read it, but you just keep going out of horrified fascination.  Surely it can’t get worse…oh, lookee there, it did!  I know far, far too many people who spout these ideals.  They frighten me, and they make me sad.  It’s bad enough to know that there are folks out there who believe this way, but it’s even worse to see it in a neat little political package like this.  I weep for us all, I really do.


4 thoughts on “Holy Crap……..

  1. […] official 2012 platform of the Texas Republicans (TGOP, for short), as I originally discovered at this blog. I want to pull out some of their official stances to highlight where the Republican Party now […]

  2. gkinnard says:

    Good Gawd! Are these people for real? Is Texas a separate country? What year is this?

  3. cortol53 says:

    Much of this is beyond comprehension – again, the desire by a large (and typically older) part of our population to move this country back decades to “better times” – there is no other evidence needed to prove that memories only bring the good parts to the forefront – the crap stays pretty much out of sight. Old is rarely better.

    I’ll run the risk of stereotyping here and I’ll apologize upfront to many in Texas that don’t fit the mold but should we really expect anything more from the state that gave us Georgie Bush and where cowboy hats and boots are considered formal attire?

  4. There was so much stupid in there it’s hard to know where to start! My nephew is a member of the TX state house as a repub but not a TP repub. There is a lot of crazy down there in every part of government. Their education proposals are overreaching, focus on nonproductive methods, use questionable techniques, etc. Another interesting tidbit of info is as TX goes so goes the country as far as textbooks go…TX buys so many textbooks they tend to be taylored to whatever TX wants, right or wrong, that is how everyone else’s textbooks get screwed up…..they won’t print more than one so everyone gets the TX version. GGRRRR

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