Carolina Logic…….

You gotta’ love the ass-backwards logic of the South.

Yep, that makes PERFECT sense, folks.

(picture borrowed from the Facebook page of Formidable Republican Opposition, but slightly edited for some spelling errors.  The grammar nazi has struck again)


3 thoughts on “Carolina Logic…….

  1. Angie says:

    Not everyone in North Carolina voted against it… But you just stereotyped an entire State with your snide post… And you consider yourself open minded… really?

    • i do, and i in no way stated that the entire state voted for it. booyah to those of you who stood up against it! i think that perhaps you might have read a little more judgement into this post than was intended. if you actually read my posts here, i am absolutely pro-tolerance. i also slam my own state frequently for it’s conservative intolerant idiocy.

  2. drivelology says:

    Seriously…far out

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