Donation. It’s A Good Thing…….

I am nearing the end of my term of milk bank donation and wanted to give another shout out to the wonderful, caring, professional folks at The Austin Mother’s Milk Bank.  They have been an absolute delight to deal with, and it goes without saying that they are doing great work.  If you or anyone you know is breastfeeding and has a reserve store of milk you are not using, please check their out their website or contact them.  If you are not currently nursing but want to help out, they also take monetary donations.  The Austin Milk Bank is a non-profit organization.  They do not sell the milk they receive, and are not affiliated with any agencies that do.  They provide much needed milk to premature and ill newborn infants in area hospitals, including some in my own state (important to me since I was a N.I.C.U. nurse for 15 years.)

Who could ever say no to a face this sweet?



2 thoughts on “Donation. It’s A Good Thing…….

  1. Wow. How prem was that child?

    • i honestly couldn’t say. that’s an anne geddes portrait, and i haven’t seen any sources for the child’s age. i mostly picked it because it is such a sweet pic.

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