Ray Has Gone Home………


One of my favorite lines from Men In Black came from Tommy Lee Jones, when he informed Will Smith that Elvis was not dead, he just went home.  I was saddened today to hear that Ray Bradbury passed away.  Over the course of his prolific career he bestowed 600 some-odd short stories and 27 novels & short story collections upon those of us who love science fiction.  He was one of the first authors to capture my imagination and send it soaring.  He made me think, and he made me laugh.  Now that he has ‘gone home’, he has made me cry.  He will be missed by many, and his work will remain admired for it’s texture, finely crafted details, and vision.

I like the idea of Ray somewhere out there tonight, back home again.


5 thoughts on “Ray Has Gone Home………

  1. gkinnard says:

    Great post! “The Illustrated Man,” The Martian Chronicles,” and Fahrenheit 451” were some of the very first adult books I read 45 years ago or so. An excellent author, Bradbury will be missed!

    • My favorite tales were always “The Haunting Of The New”, “Night Call, Collect”, & “Downwind From Gettysburg”. I never read anything by Bradbury I didn’t enjoy, though.

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