Explain The Logic, Here…….

5 things to kow about romney

Yeah, he seems to have a real handle on what’s important……………

Yeah, I know.  I sound like a broken record lately.  There are other issues to consider in the race for POTUS, but I believe you can tell a great deal about the man’s general character from the unrelenting way he endorses and promotes anti- legislation.  Anti-LGBT.  Anti-Woman.  Anti-Middle & Lower Class.  Anti-Religion & Personal Belief System (unless your beliefs co-incide with his own).  Basically, he is the Anti-Tolerance candidate.  Please explain to me  why anyone would vote for this man.  The only people who will actually benefit from his assumption of power would be a tiny fraction of upper class non-ethnic Christian males.  For anyone else to promote him is tantamount to forest critters handing guns to hunters and then standing in front of targets for them.  I do not get it.


romney 2012

If truth in advertising ever bleeds over into political ads…….




8 thoughts on “Explain The Logic, Here…….

  1. UponAtlas says:

    I’m Australian, so I find it pretty darn hard to put much focus on American elections since it doesn’t immediately affect me… but by the gods do I hate this man. I just… ARRRGH. He makes me feel so angry.

    • me too. his existence offends me all the way to the core. the is the smug, hateful face of a smug, hateful, intolerant, greedy, offensive segment of our society.

  2. gkinnard says:

    Very well said!

  3. cortol53 says:

    Great post – What is really sad (and very disconcerting) is it that Mitt is bascially a reflection of a large portion of our population – which speaks volumes to the depth of ignorance and intolerance that exists across our society. It is a scary time.

    • it is a reflection of the core belief system of some of my close friends and family, and therefore something i hear daily. it doesn’t get any more palatable coming from your loved ones.

  4. thanks! every time i think there can’t possibly be a new way for the repubs and conservatives to p*&ss me off, appall me, and terrify me, they come through for me again.

  5. Daz says:

    Just commenting to second what Matthew said.

  6. Matthew says:

    Do NOT worry about being a broken record! These are damned important issues, and we’re not nearly close to having them spoken (or written) about enough. Unfortunately, there will always be bigotry, and that means pushing back against it, over and over again.

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