Holy Hell.  Damn if I can think of a way to describe this.  I had to watch it two or three times, just to fully take in the extent of insanity on display here.  I plan to file this in the (sadly) ever expanding WTF is wrong with these people file I have on fanatics, fringe dwellers, & extremists.  Love the reactions of the guy behind her, though.

The saddest thing here is that I hear many of these same things from family and friends around me.  Sometimes I weep for humanity.  Welcome to the insane, backward, regressive, repressive Southern USA.

*Note, the comment about the South was meant to apply to the fact that I hail from there and am treated to stupidity like this every day here; however, the video in question is purported to be taken from Nebraska.


4 thoughts on “Ummmmmm…….

  1. gkinnard says:

    Tried watching it, but it wouldn’t let me in.

    • Checked on it, and apparently that link had been switched to private. There is a new link in place, it should be working now. Thanks for letting me know! Broken and dead links make me look bad.

  2. cortol53 says:

    Comment on this particular post – the only good thing about this woman is that she is so far out there that most will see her as walking the crazy line. I get more scared with the people who believe much of the same crap but are more polished in their delivery – they actually do the real damage.

    On a broader note, let me thank you for taking the time to read and actually follow my blog – I’m always amazed when anyone other than my wife and two kids read it – and they are pretty much obligated.

    You have done quite a nice job on what you have created here – both tone and content – you appear outraged by many of the same things that make me wonder where we went wrong as a country – and refreshing to see I’m not necessarily the outlier here. I’ll definitely be following you –

    Lastly – my unfair bias towards the South and those with Southern accents takes a hit as I read thru your blogs and it is obvious you are educated and open-minded. Apologies for any of my comments I’ve made where I’ve lumped everyone in the South together – I should know that not everyone living there feels the same as the stereotype Southerner. One bias I need to work on – we have quite a few of these same narrow thinking bigots up here in the Northeast.

    • I have been fighting the hillbilly stereotype my entire life. One of my favorite English professors in college used to tell us stories of the days when she worked as a bartender in Washington, D.C. Whenever Tommy Robinson was televised from the House of Reps, speaking about anything, the whole bar would listen just so they could laugh at his accent, grammar, and general cluelessness. I am proud to be from Arkansas, but I would be a lot happier about it if there were ever anything positive connected with my state in the news. I was likewise impressed with your blog and will definitely be following!

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