And The Prize Goes To………

I would like to present today’s award for most annoyingly manipulative item encountered.  On my Facebook feed this morning this little gem was waiting for me (click the pic to enlarge it for easier reading):

Keep Scrolling....I Dare You!

Keep scrolling....I dare you!

So I get up in the morning, make my coffee, stumble over to the computer and begin scrolling through my feed while waiting for my brain to catch up with the rest of me, and BAM!, before I know it, I have been consigned to H, E, double hockey sticks for having the nerve to scroll down my own page.

I have a fairly decent sized collection of religious texts on my book shelves.  For years now, whenever I have seen a volume of philosophy, religion, or any other ethnically or culturally interesting subject I have snapped it up and then when time permitted, read it.  The odd but interesting thing is that nowhere in any of those texts do I see a commandment from any creator, spirit, prophet, or messiah to nag the crap out of people via social media.  Nor do I see an adjurement to use guilt as a blunt instrument to club unbelievers like baby seals and drag them into the cloister or nave while they are still addled.

Geez, folks.  I am truly happy that you are full of what you believe to be the holy spirit, and that you are on fire to spread the word (see what I did there?)……..but I promise you that never, ever, ever–not one single time–ever, ever–will you bring in a new convert by bludgeoning them on their media wall.  Rethink your strategy, guys.  You are making the intelligent religionists look very silly and are probably driving away at least as many as they can convert.  As for me and my house (oops, I did it again!), we can always right click the ‘x‘ in the top right corner and get on with our day.


4 thoughts on “And The Prize Goes To………

  1. becca3416 says:

    AMEN! *cough* I mean….

  2. gkinnard says:

    I can’t tell you how much I absolutely loved this post! This kind of thing drives me more than a little nuts! My wife and I have an FB friend (my ex-wife is the friend—yea, questionable wisdom there) who posts this stuff, and/or the end is near stuff, about 30 times a day. I’m sure she figures every “like” will get her a little closer to heaven! I loved the “As for me and my house . . . “ as you ended the post! GREAT job! —George

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