What A Dick………


Is it possible to like an individual LESS than not at all?

dick cheney tator

Initial Candid Shot For Cheney's Memoirs...........


Apparently so.



2 thoughts on “What A Dick………

  1. Very nice. Looks like that one was snapped right before he stole the latest heart for his transplant. they have to soak the hearts in acid and alcohol and a blast of brimstone before they can be inserted into Cheny – to prevent rejection.

    • Years ago, Rich Little played basically all the parts in my favorite version of A Christmas Carol. Your comment reminded me of the segment where Little (as James Mason) is discussing the death of Ebeneezer Scrooge and wonders aloud “Why don’t they just wet the ground with alcohol and let him SEEP in?” in regards to Scrooge’s burial.

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