Well THAT Was Pretty Cool…….

Happy Friday 13th, everyone!

friday 13th stats wordpress

I checked my stats page this morning and found this.........

2 thoughts on “Well THAT Was Pretty Cool…….

  1. eldinsmille says:

    friday the 13, 1307 was a day when Pillip the Fair of France, arrested many templars. Thats why it is a bad and omenous day. sorry on my bad english.

    • If I understand correctly, Tuesday the 13th is the ‘unlucky’ day in Spanish cultures, and in Italy the ominous day is Friday the 17th. I had heard about the Templar episode link with the 13th, but I think it is actually a fairly recent connection. I am not sure that the superstition about misfortune actually dates all the way back to the event. As an interesting side note, many sources say that the 13th is actually a tad slower as regards accidents. The theory is that people are hyper-aware on that particular day and therefore slightly less likely to have incidents occur. I think that mostly nowadays the belief in the mischance & ill luck on Friday 13th has fallen into popular culture and come to rest with black cats, stepping on cracks, walking under ladders, and other sandlot lore miscellany. Thanks for your comment! I am always interested from new folks. Love your blog, too, by the way.

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