2 really excellent links, found on Anne Rice’s Facebook page. I could not have expressed these sentiments any better.  Any of you that are on Facebook, check out Anne’s page.  It is crammed with fascinating links and a great place to meet a diverse group.  Whether you are conservative or liberal, you will find interesting stuff there.  Plus, she is just incredibly interesting on her own.



Damn.  These people really scare the s*@t out of me.  Faith used as a bludgeon is truly frightening.  Anybody who fervently believes that their way is the only acceptable way, and refuses to compromise based on this belief, needs to be sent far, far, far away from any place in the government.  Practice your faith (whatever that might be) however you feel you must, but do it in the privacy of your personal life.  It is not my place to tell others what to think, or how to live, or how to manage their faith. Don’t you dare presume to tell me how to live or manage mine.


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