Preach It, Barry……..

How sad to be able to quote Republicans on the dangers of what the current Republican party is doing.


I believe the man put his finger directly on the core problem.  You cannot deal rationally with anyone who is taking their orders from whatever higher power they follow.  The thing most religions have in common is that they believe they are ‘right’ and every other faith is ‘wrong’.  They also brook no compromise, and an integral part of their religion (whatever that might be) is that they must convert everyone else to their system of belief.  That is a really bad way to run a government unless you want the end result to be a religion-driven totalitarianism.  The fact that issues such as birth control are even being discussed AT ALL in this day & age instead of the economy, or the environment, or anything that might actually be pertinent or helpful is evidence that this is creeping up on us.  The far right have sold their souls to the fanatical Christians, and it is making all the Republicans and all the Christians look very bad indeed.  I have said for years that if Scientology really wanted to do something positive for its PR, it would push someone stable who is capable of serving as a positive example to the front, possibly like John Travolta, and muzzle Tom Cruise.  In my little world of analogies, Cruise is being played by Rick Santorum and his ilk.  The Republican party really needs to downplay or distance from that type of sentiment.  It is not winning any votes or any new followers, and very probably losing some instead.


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