What is up with all the breastfeeding hate lately?

What is up with all the breastfeeding hate lately?.

Noticed this just after I finished cleaning up my pump for the night.  As an actively nursing mom, I am always pleased to see a rational and positive comment on breastfeeding.  While I think that perhaps some of the more militant “nurse ins” might perhaps be getting more negative than positive results, I do applaud the efforts to underline the issue.  Nursing women are not assaulting anyone with their breasts.  We are not engaged in lewd or licentious behavior.  We are, in fact, simply feeding our children.  I don’t see anybody declaring moral outrage at the sight of bottles in use at restaurants, malls, or any other public places.  The only difference between the bottle being used by the woman in the next booth and the breast in mine is that mine comes pre-warmed and attached.   Each of us is doing what we need to in order to care for our child.  Due to the current fashions, you will likely see far more skin exposed  in a random glance around you than you will on us.


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