I Don’t Agree With You, Therefore I Shall Legislate You Out Of Existence………..



this man scares the absolute hell out of me.


One thought on “I Don’t Agree With You, Therefore I Shall Legislate You Out Of Existence………..

  1. Shelbi says:

    Me, too. I always get nervous when politicians start trying to legislate their own morals, and regardless of his insisting that he won’t try to outlaw contraception, he’s said out loud and in public that sex just for pleasure’s sake is morally wrong, therefore so is contraception.

    Given his track record of submitting bills trying to outlaw abortion, I’m guessing he’s not tell the whole truth there. On a personal level, I can’t imagine ever having an abortion, but at the same time, I’m also aware that some women feel they have no choice in the matter, and I would never presume to judge them harshly for making the only decision they felt they could, and I certainly would never make it so women would have to go into back rooms and have coat hangers shoved into their uterus to end a pregnancy.

    I also find it super ironic that the people who are trying hardest to legislate about denying women the right to contraception and abortion are also the people who whine about government being too big.

    So it’s okay to tell an individual woman she has no right to have her birth control paid for without a co-pay, but a giant corporation, whose only goal is to make money, has the right NOT to pay for it for ‘moral reasons’?

    Santorum’s only goal in trying to give corporations this ‘right’ is to prevent women from having access to birth control without actually outlawing it. It all just makes me sick.

    Sorry for the rant. This kind of nonsense irritates the crap out of me, can you tell? Thanks for the article, by the way. 😉

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